'I Am A Man Who' Inspiring Stories Supporting MIND

by Sandra Garlick in Kenilworth, England, United Kingdom

'I Am A Man Who' Inspiring Stories Supporting MIND
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A project to publish a collection of stories from men in business who share their business journey to inspire others to talk openly.

by Sandra Garlick in Kenilworth, England, United Kingdom

Background and Story

Each year, on International Women's Day, I publish a collection of women in business stories called 'I Am A Woman Who'. These inspirational local role models each share their business journey, the challenges they have faced and how they overcame them. 

The women are happy to share their story openly to inspire others to become more confident and to become local role models.

I'm often asked 'Why is it all about women in business?'. 

My answer was simple, the majority of men are reluctant to share their 'warts and all' stories. They don't like to speak openly about their journey, their challenges and in particular about any mental health issues they have experienced.

Women are more likely to speak more openly about these things and support each other through difficult times.

Statistics have shown that male suicide and mental health issues are widespread.

With that in mind, these men in business have offered to share their stories. Some have experienced mental health issues, some haven't, but what is important is that they are willing to share their their journey to inspire others to do so more openly.

It's good to talk.

My message is simple... I want to encourage men that it's great to talk, to share their good experiences, but the not so good ones too and to talk more openly. We are listening...

Women and men can experience dark times. Those times when they think that everyone is doing great, and they are not, so they hide away.

It's good to talk...

I Am A Man Who

I Am A Man Who will be published early in 2020.

How the money will be used

I am crowdfunding this project to pay for the design, photography and print, so that all the proceeds raised from the sale of each book can be donated directly to MIND. 

If there are any designers or printers who would like to support this project directly then please get in touch.

“Mental health is a subject individuals often find difficult to talk about, and evidence shows men in particular are less likely to share their feelings.

However, tides are turning and we are beginning to see more men opening up and sharing their experiences of living in a society where mental health affects at least 1 in 4 people.

We now have a number of high profile men talking about their mental health journey including Prince William and Prince Harry, which for some has felt like permission to speak up. One by one, more of these revered mean are coming forward and openly addressing their experiences of mental health; footballers, politicians, actors and businessmen. Men can see talking about their mental health as a sign of weakness, but the strong and brave ones are the ones who do speak out, so I would like to take this opportunity to thank the individuals who have shared their stories within this book ‘I am a man who’. 

We hope their experiences inspire other men and empowers them to talk, not bottle things up.

Coventry and Warwickshire Mind is honoured to have been chosen by the author, Sandra Garlick, to receive the profits from the sale of this book. This money will be used to support services that reach out to men in their times of need.“

Steven Hill, CEO, Coventry & Warwickshire Mind

What's in it for you?

Everyone who donates: 

  • is welcome to attend the book launch event
  • will be mentioned in the book by way of thank you
  • will receive a .pdf version of the book upon request

My time for bringing this project together is donated entirely free of charge.

Any excess funds for the project will be donated directly to MIND

Please give generously and thank you for your support

Sandra x

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