The Wind Project

by The Wind Project in Salcombe, England, United Kingdom

The Wind Project

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The Wind Project - creating opportunities for local people of all ages and abilities to Sail - many of whom may not get the chance to do so

by The Wind Project in Salcombe, England, United Kingdom

In 2019, we (Ross and Zoe) organised a free pilot scheme for our local schools and wider community to come and enjoy a Sailing lesson.

We had 160 primary school children have one Sailing lesson each.

We also had 6 High School children partake in a Sailing course, 4 lessons each and achieving a qualification.

We also had 12 adults connected with people suffering with dementia. They also enjoyed a Sailing lesson too.

Following on from the scheme we created The Wind Project. Due to launch in April 2020 and delayed because of Covid-19. 

We're very fortunate to be starting all of the four projects this month, April 2021.

Project Number 1: RYA OnBoard Scheme for local Primary Schools

Up to 96 pupils will have six Sailing lessons each. 18 hours of Sailing per child. Curriculum focused Sailing lessons that encompass teamwork, determination, communication, independence, confidence and creativity. For some of these children, its huge opportunity to be involved in an activity where they live. This remains a free activity for each school.

Project Number 2: RYA OnBoard Club

We'll see 40 children and 12 adults having Sailing lessons, all under instruction, at weekends. Regular participation in recreational Sailing. 45 hours of Sailing per child and up to 12 hours per adult.

Project Number 3: RYA OnBoard Youth Development

Creating development sessions for 6 teenagers to improve their skills and move forward to become Assistant Instructors / Instructors. The possibility of employment too. 30 hours of Sailing per teenager.

Project Number 4: RYA Sailability Sessions

Regular participation in recreational Sailing lessons for people with disabilities.

Being on the water creates multiple situations where young people are challenged and tested as they learn a new sport or activity. The OnBoard programme provides a safe and proven structure for this to happen and a great environment to help them develop the character attributes and capabilities that are so important for success in later life.

The money raised will help us cover our basic costs and employing an Instructor to help us deliver these amazing opportunities. We expect the local interest in all of these projects to increase and we aim to offer a strategic follow on program and further develop Sailing skills and confidence, and for people to feel safer on the water. 


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