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Help us take our play to the UNDERBELLY for Ed Fringe 2024! Supported by The Survivors Trust, we hope to spark conversations about abuse.

by Gigi in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Hello everyone! Thank you for taking the time to visit our page. We are so excited to have gotten into the renowned UNDERBELLY at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2024.

 You can find plenty of information below about our lyrical dark comedy HOW TO KILL A CHICKEN. Any money you can donate really will make ALL the difference – not just to this project's growth, but to the audiences we hope to engage with around topics of mental health and women's empowerment, and to The Survivors Trust: our incredible charity partner to whom we will be donating a portion of our profits from ticket sales. We believe this project is worth investing in, and we really thank you for anything you are able to donate!

Written and performed by Drama Centre alumni Giulietta (Gigi) Tisminetzky with music by cellist and composer Midori Jaeger, we first performed the show at Riverside Studios to overwhelming audience reception and five star reviews.  

★★★★ The Arts Dispatch “poignant symbolism and evocative imagery [...] a slim tale, but there is enough to it that it feels whole, if not expansive. Tisminetzky makes the experience, the stakes and the outcomes real” 

★★★★★ Fringe Biscuit Magazine says "music and monologue blend to become a distinct dialect, a unique voice that resonates deeply… How to Kill a Chicken stands as a powerful testament, empowering women to reclaim their stories and cast away shame."


 I wrote this play before the events that took place in Italy in recent months- similar to the Sarah Everard case- but it was the energy, anger, and strength of women that inspired me. I believe it is imperative to address the issue of violence against women, in all its subtle nuances.

Much of my life has been shaped by the repercussions of childhood abuse. I was fortunate enough to receive the support I needed to function, but a sense of alienation from myself and the world has always lingered. Those who know me often see only my sunny side up—a joyous, at times flamboyant, playful character. Yet being a victim of abuse takes something from you. A part of oneself gets lost, buried under shame and swallowed by guilt. This loss manifests in various ways. Some may be riddled with anxiety, others might loose their smiles to depression. Some manage to conceal their pain well, resorting to silent tears in the office bathroom. And then there's anger—a destructive force that seeps into the happy moments of your life, proving that, no, you are not worthy of joy. You might manage to forget about it and move on with your life, until suddenly, the memory of the assault punches you in the gut while you’re queuing at the grocery store. In an instant, you’re five again, and that family friend is caressing you like a cat.

I see you, ladies; I’ve been there too. 

On my birthday last year, something happened—suddenly, I was a cat again. I still struggle to name it: the assault, rape. Why is it so difficult, still?  And how did I let it happen, again? I’ve tried the therapy thing- all of the therapy things- I’ve seen shamans and healers to try to get that fucking cat out of me. And then I wrote a play, How To Kill a Chicken. Writing was my clumsy way to make sense of it, not just of my experience, but of what we all share: resilience. Each morning, choosing to wear our favorite shirt and stepping out into the world despite everything, is an act of rebellion, a revolution of courage. I wrote this play to celebrate us, revolutionary women. How To Kill a Chicken is an ode to you.


Paying our Creative Team

It’s very important to us that the hard work of the creatives working on the show is reflected in the way that we pay them. It's a small team of women, all at the beginning of their careers, and the money you donate will allow us to support the team during rehearsals and performances to ensure they are not coming out of pocket to participate in this production.


Nell Rose Bailey

Nell is a director, dramaturg and facilitator from Bristol, working between London and the SW. Excited by devised, documentary theatre, Nell’s practice is embedded in building community on and off stage in collaborative, accessible ways. She directed NT’s How to Build a Wax Figure (2022) and is currently developing PITCH (2023). She is a course director for the National Youth Theatre and Assistant for the Stepping Up program at NYT - Acting and Leadership. She has directed work for The Pleasance, Assembly, Fourth Monkey Drama School, Golden Goose Theatre, Theatre Deli and NYT. 

Midori Jaeger

Midori is a cellist, vocalist and composer who trained at the Royal Academy of Music. Midori’s multi-genre musicianship has led her to perform with jazz, folk, western classical and Indian classical artists around Europe. Midori’s single ‘Touch’ was selected by China Moses as Jazz FM’s Late Night Track of the Week and her latest EP gained features from Podcart and RGM Magazine, a live performance on BBC Radio London, and a sold-out Launch show at the Green Note in London. 

Stacey Cullen

Stacey is a playwright, poet, and performer. Her work most often focuses on intergenerational trauma, women, queerness, and death. She is currently earning an MA in writing for performance and dramaturgy from Goldsmiths, University of london. She has also trained at the Vancouver Acting School. She has published several essays in Compound Butter Magazine. Her debut play, Scent, premiered at the Edinburgh festival fringe in august 2023.

Ella Rowdon

Ella is a scriptwriter, director, dramaturg and workshop/events facilitator. She is currently studying for her MA in Dramaturgy and Writing for Performance at Goldsmiths, University of London. She is passionate about making theatre that is bold and thought-provoking. 

Gigi Tisminetzky

Gigi, short for Giulietta, is an Italian-Argentinian actor, writer and producer. She gained a BA in Literarture and Film Studies at Queen Mary and MA in Classical Acting at Drama Centre. She’s a published author and contributor for Art magazine by Contini Art. This is her first play and debut at Edinbrugh Fringe.  

Event Registration Fee and Venue Cost

We are thrilled to be taking HOW TO KILL A CHICKEN at Daisy room at Bistro Square at Underbelly, and will need the money to pay for event and venue fees. Money you donate will directly impact our ability to perform in this magical space at Edinburgh!


At Edinburgh Fringe there are so many incredible productions and a great marketing campaign makes all the difference! Money you donate will help us ensure our presence in Edinburgh is known so that plenty of people come to see the show.

Transport to + Accommodation In Edinburgh

Although we'll be sharing spaces and being as resourceful as possible, your money will directly ensure we’ll have a roof during our time at Edinbrugh!


We would love to make a splash at Edinburgh, in order to bring the show to London as well as other parts of the UK. It is our greatest ambition to connect to audiences far and wide and spark conversations about mental health issues and women’s empowerment as well as continuing to support our charity partner The Survivors Trust.  We would love for Edinburgh to be the launching pad to bringing the fully upscaled production to London and other parts of the UK. 

Thank you so much for reading and we hope to see you at The Underbelly in August!


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