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by Sam & Roberta in London, England, United Kingdom

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by Sam & Roberta in London, England, United Kingdom

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On the 20th October 2020 we'd raised £12,282 with 221 supporters in 172 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

The Mayor has announced that he will match any funding we receive up to £5000. Which with all the uncertainty at the moment is amazing! We've just opened our 10 coffees reward up again so you can get 10 coffees for £20 which is an absolute steal! Get involved now!! 

When we opened Hot Milk three years ago I don't think we had fully thought it through. We had a two year old daughter in Nursery and a 6 month old boy in a high chair in the middle of our tiny little cafe. Our friends helped us piece together counters and install espresso machines. We were so desperate to open that people sat on boxes of tiles and used their laps for their coffee before we found tables and chairs. We put everything into our little shop on Myddleton Road. 



Then, one day, walking home we noticed the Pizzeria had closed. We knocked on the door (more of a bang on the window) and asked the landlord the plan. He said it's probably going to become a kebab shop. 


Terrified, we pitched him then and there. I remember it well. Emilia was running up and down and Vincent was in the buggy. After 30 minutes we'd agreed a plan for us to take over and Hot Milk too was born. It felt a bit like when you go to Ikea for a lampshade and come back with a bed, a new kitchen and 40 plastic boxes with lids. Except we had a cafe, a very big cafe. 


Fast forward two years and here we are. Corona. Ripping a hole through the hospitality industry. But we're a strong lot us. Our staff are fantastic, they work really hard and they love being in Bounds Green serving the community. 


In February we'd hired a new chef. She's awesome and we'd started to work on a plan to open in the evenings. Doing what we do but at night. Great quality, simple ingredients with amazing wine and cocktails. How much do you want that right now because we miss it SOOOOO much. It's coming. We promise. We're gonna get through Corona and we're going to do the night service. It's going to be killer. We're putting Bounds Green on the map and we're excited about it. 

So...what have we been up to since we closed our doors? Well, Sam wanted to keep himself occupied / couldn't face homeschooling so he's been cooking for the staff at North Middlesex hospital. We're able to work with Edible London who provide us with some surplus ingredients and we knock out and deliver meals to them every week. We're so happy to be able to continue doing this and thankful to the people who are already supporting us along the way. 



Then we started thinking about our supply chain and how it's also being hit by Corona. The amazing suppliers that bring our eggs, bread, wine and meat (you know, the good things in life) and how the entire supply chain has been affected. We came up with some take away ideas to sell and deliver locally. We're making lasagna's, DIY brunch packs, delivering wine and baking cinnamon rolls. We're trying to do what we do, just without having any staff employed....Our staff, Nico, Gosia, Alex, Sara, Amy and Lillian who like so many people in this industry have been in a strange limbo over the past month were amazing and so understanding during March when everything got turned upside down. We've put them all on furlough whilst we get through this sticky situation and cannot wait to have them and their smiling faces back in the house.  


We are also digging up the garden at the back of the shop, we've got some help from George...he's got green fingers and comes when we aren't there to get some sunshine and do some forking . We thought we'd use this opportunity to try and become a little self sufficient. We've installed a compost bin and getting the ground ready to plant produce. It's a little daunting but we're working on having something growing that we can get out onto plates! 


So whilst we are keeping busy it's tricky times, we don't know how long this is going to last and we want to make sure that we are here when this is all over. Right now we've started to futureproof our shop. We're working with our buddy Karl to build a small shop area towards the back, we'll sell wine, local beers, bread and coffee, this should be up in the next few weeks and we'll get our shelves stocked and work out a way for you to be able to visit the shop. We envisage that it's going to be a while before normality hits so this is a way we feel that we'll be able to get back up and running sooner. We're planning on roasting more too. Our bean suppliers are keen for us (and you) to try some new coffee. When Corona hit our kitchen was mid way through being updated. We were about to sign on a new oven, install new counters (which are now sitting in our shed) and upgrade our hobs. We had to put a hold on all of this and any funding raised will go towards getting our kitchen finished up and ready for evening service. 

If you are able to we've set up some pretty awesome pledges on here. Some as pay it forward and some just because we think it will be fun! Don't be shy, share with your friends, donate, pledge. We love you, we appreciate your continued support and let's Daniel Beddingfield our way through this. 

Sam, Roberta, Emilia & Vincent.

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This project offered rewards

£20 or more

Coffee Card

The coffee card gets you 10 coffees when we reopen. This is a steal at £2 / cup ;)

£10 or more

£10 Donation

Spare us a tenner to help a business you love get through whatever COVID-19 sends our way.

£10 or more

2 x Coffee & Croissant

You get 2 x coffee and 2 x croissant to enjoy in the cafe or to take home once we are back on our feet

£30 or more

Brunch for Two

Pledge £30 today and we'll reward you with brunch for two people including coffee, fresh OJ and two brunch plates from our menu

£30 or more

Wine Tasting

Come and taste and learn about 10 of our wines. You'll go home drunk and happy and probably with more wine.

£50 or more

Instant Ramen Party

We were thinking about some of the most fun we've had since we opened and our instant ramen night is one that springs to mind. We pimped out those bowls of noodles to the max. This reward is for two people to come to an instant ramen night and includes Kimchi Quesadilla's, your choice of ramen with freshly made toppings, a cocktail each and 2 beers. Expect a party because Corona permitting this is happening on Sam's Birthday! 12 Oct

£100 or more

Barista Training for two

We'll teach you how to steam milk, do some latte art, dial in the grinder and how to mix a mean espresso martini. Includes 4 Espresso Martini's before during and after the training

£700 or more

Coffee for a year

One coffee per day for an entire year.

£20 or more


After this is all over. We are going to have a party. A proper knees up with music and dancing and food and drink. This reward is for a ticket to that party and will include food and two drinks at the party. We promise loads of fun and madness.

£50 or more

Boozy Brunch for two

Come and get trashed with us whilst eating brunch. Coffee, OJ, two brunch dishes and two bottles of Prosecco (because two is better than 1)

£70 or more

Dinner with wine pairing

When our evening menu is up and running we're offering a three course dinner for two with wine pairing and coffee.

£250 or more

Dinner for 5

Have the cafe to yourself and your friends for an intimate evening. Three course dinner for 5 people including coffee and 5 bottles of wine.

£300 or more

Private Dinner for 6

Have the cafe to yourself and your friends for an intimate evening. Three course dinner for 6 people including coffee and 6 bottles of wine.

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