Don’t let these far right thugs win

by HOPE not hate in United Kingdom

Don’t let these far right thugs win

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We’re under attack from far right thugs: we know our campaigning is working and we refuse to back down - will you stand with us?

by HOPE not hate in United Kingdom

We’re being targeted by Tommy Robinson and Britain First supporters because of our work to counter far right extremism. Donate to HOPE not hate and help us protect our staff and their families from these horrible scare tactics. We will NOT be intimidated.

At HOPE not hate, our mission is to work tirelessly to expose and oppose far-right extremism. We’ve been fighting this fight since the early 2000s and we’ve made plenty of enemies along the way - but now we’re experiencing the most severe threat we’ve faced in years.

Far right thugs Tommy Robinson and Paul Golding are coming after us in a big way.

Tommy Robinson is the most notorious and wealthiest far-right activist operating in the UK, with criminal convictions for violence, stalking, financial and immigration frauds and public order offences. He’s currently under investigation for a sham bankruptcy orchestrated to avoid paying damages to a young Syrian refugee he libelled.  

Paul Golding is the leader of far right, anti-Muslim party Britain First. They are best known for their ‘migrant hunting’ missions, terrorising people outside mosques and leading a campaign of hate against the Royal National Lifeboat Institute (RNLI) for their work saving lives in the English Channel.

Robinson and Golding have made bogus, totally unfounded complaints to the police about us. HOPE not hate staff and supporters were recently ambushed by Britain First yobs while we were leafleting in Salford during the local elections. Even family members who are not involved in our work are being targeted and threatened.

This is a coordinated campaign of harassment and intimidation, and a blatant attempt to stop us investigating both men and exposing their extreme and illegal activities.

Over the last few months we have been working with legal experts to uncover the scale of Tommy Robinson’s sham bankruptcy. We are closing in on the illegal and scandalous behaviour of some of his closest allies. Paul Golding knows that we have been investigating his finances and the many scams he has run over recent years. 

It’s not nice to be targeted in this way, and it’s certainly been a worrying time for the HOPE not hate team and our families. But the fact that Robinson and Golding are going after us so aggressively shows how desperate and worried they are.

If they think they can silence us and scare us into backing off, they are wrong. Their scare tactics show that what we’re doing is working: it’s more important than ever that we ramp up our investigations and campaigns, and roll out extra measures to protect our staff.

The more funds we raise, the more we can do to deal with the security threats we are facing as well as scaling up our investigative work. Can you chip in to fund the fightback and send a message that we won’t be stopped by hate-mongering bullies?

With your help we can: 

  • Increase security at the homes of our staff
  • Explore legal routes to prevent Robinson and Golding from continuing their campaign of intimidation, and hold them to account for the abuse and threats their actions have provoked amongst their supporters 
  • Maintain contact with three separate police forces over the harassment and intimidation our staff and supporters are facing and ensure they take the appropriate action
  • Expand our research to expose the hate and lies of Robinson, Golding and their supporters

Our team is already stretched thin: dealing with these threats risks diverting us from our core anti-hate work, which is exactly what Robinson and Golding want. 

We refuse to be intimidated by these far right thugs - will you stand with us?  

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