Hope for Mental Health: Support those who need it

by Tenisia in London, England, United Kingdom

Hope for Mental Health: Support those who need it

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To provide a high quality mental health support coaching service that is accessible to everyone no matter their financial status.

by Tenisia in London, England, United Kingdom

Subconscious Development is an online coaching service that I am continuing to build that helps people around the world to overcome challenges and find better ways to manage their emotions using a number of different tools. These tools allow them to reprogramme their subconscious mind; this means empowering clients to discover the core beliefs that are preventing them from getting to where they want to be in life, situations, relationships etc. 

Areas I focus on

  • relationships (familial, romantic, friendships)
  • attachment trauma
  • confidence
  • communication
  • emotional well-being
  • personal development 

Why a Fundraiser?

Perhaps you are aware that mental health-related support services such as coaching, counselling and therapy is currently out of reach for many people due to financial constraints. Nevertheless, having gone through training myself to be able to provide my service, I can see why these services are expensive due to how extremely valuable they are. 

My goal is for everyone to be able to access to a high quality coaching service no matter how much money they have/earn and see the results they are looking for. What would this look like? Clients can be eligeable to be partially or fully funded for my coaching service depending on their income and circumstances.

Giving back

  • Up until I raise enough money, I would have been coaching for free, allowing people who cannot afford coaching to benefit from my service whilst also developing as a coach.

As a contributor...

  • You are welcome to join my free talks that I host on meetup.com (https://www.meetup.com/subconscious-development/) once or twice a month in which I share knowledge on integrated attachment theory-based topics.
  •  You can access my service with extra funding.

Learn more about my coaching service and how you can support my mission to make mental health support accessible to everyone by watching my video above.

Visit my website at subconsciousdevelopment.co.uk

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