Home is where the harm is


Home is where the harm is

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104 women are killed yearly from domestic abuse. Donate to support adults and children escaping abuse and help make a difference today.



This is hard to read, but it is even harder to escape an abuser and the violence and coercion that 1 in 4 women in the UK face. They’re trapped. 

Domestic abuse devastates the lives of millions of adults and children every year, through physical or psychological harm, eroding self-esteem and trust. Victims endure trauma, fear, and isolation, often facing financial insecurity and social stigma. Access to support services may be limited, they’re often very alone.  

We know that even small amounts of money can significantly change the lives of those affected by domestic abuse. Whether it's covering travel costs to escape abuse, assisting with setting up a new home after fleeing, or purchasing essentials to alleviate immediate pressures, every contribution counts.

Each year more than 75,000 people in the UK are at high and imminent risk of being murdered or seriously injured as a result of domestic abuse. It's also reported that 1 in 7 men also suffer as victims of domestic abuse.**

By making a donation right now your pledge can reach adults and children looking to escape abuse in the home within 24 hours.ª

Our ask is big and small. A small amount of money can make a big difference. 


Donate to the fund - A donation, no matter how small, will help a victim in immediate need.

donation of £10 could pay for phone credit which will help with organising appointments with a GP, housing or support workers. 

donation of £25 could pay for a bus or train fare to safety.

donation of £50 could pay for essential baby food and toiletries when access to a bank account has been denied.

donation of £100 could pay for a night in emergency accommodation when there is nowhere else to go.

Donate monthly to this cause - Once you have donated, you will have the option to set up a regular monthly donation to the National Benevolent Charity in order to help more victims all year round.

Share the appeal - posting on your socials, sharing with your network or even word of mouth will help to spread awareness of the campaign.


All donations will go to the National Benevolent Charity, where we will provide a cash grant to help victims flee or to establish a new life in a safer environment. Very often adults and children have to leave everything they own behind.

At the NBC we are there to help provide:

  • Fast access to cash to help victims
  • Purchase of white goods (eg. fridge, freezer, microwave, washing machine or cookers) for people as they rebuild their lives
  • Essential household goods e.g. bedding and beds, bedroom furniture, kitchen equipment
  • Food and clothing
  • Support in paying for priority debts including Gas, Electric, Water and Council Tax
  • Support to pay for bankruptcy costs or a debt relief orders
  • Help to pay for eduction, training or purchasing of work tools.


This new initiative aims to swiftly and discretely provide financial support to victims of domestic abuse through a small grant that will provide a chance to take steps to independence from their abusers.

It is backed by the National Benevolent Charity and brings together three award-winning tech-for-good platforms for the first time.

Crowdfunder is hosting the appeal to generate funds for to support victims.

Lightning Reach is providing the application infrastructure for those in need to apply for this fund and find other sources of support.

Cash Perks will utilise their emergency cash payment system, available through ATMs, to deliver funds to those who need it immediately.

This means that for the first time your donation to the NBC can be withdrawn from cash points across the country by victims of Domestic Abuse. As many victims in situations often have no access to bank accounts or cash to help escape their current situation. Meaning your donation can have a real impact.


Sarah (43) is a single mum to 5-year-old Jane who is diagnosed with ADHD and Autism. Following Sarah's decision to leave an abusive domestic relationship, she was rehoused. However, her ex-partner had control of all of her finances, where he had not paid any of the bills in her name and was running up serious debts in these accounts, alongside false benefits claims in Sarah's name. 

As a result of the false claims, Sarah faced the situation where Universal Credit was making deductions from her benefits payments until all her debts were repaid. Sarah was also then put into a repayment plan with her previous energy provider, leaving her very short of money following her decision to leave, making moving on for Sarah and Jane incredibly difficult. 

At NBC, we are able to provide £200 towards repaying Sarah's utility bills and help with a £200 food voucher. Providing breathing room for Sarah to get back on track and ensuring at that point, she didn't have to choose between her bills and food for her child.

How many people in these situations can we help?


National Centre for Domestic Violence (Charity)
** SafeLives. (2023). Marac national dataset, SafeLives: Bristol.

ª All recipients of any cash grants will be required to go through a quick approval process before receipt of any money.

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