At Risk of Eviction

by Robert Nenadovic in Corby, England, United Kingdom

At Risk of Eviction

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Unable to pay additional service charge for major works on a block of flats. Facing legal action for breach of lease.

by Robert Nenadovic in Corby, England, United Kingdom


My name is Robert. I am humbly turning to you for help. A recent large bill, which I am unable to pay, is putting my home at risk.

The apartment building I live in is a leasehold property where residents pay service charge for general maintenance.

In the past few years, there has been some talk about a project to replace all existing windows and doors. Estimated costs were put forward, deemed excessive by many, and as such challenged.

Then the pandemic hit, and the talk died down. About a month ago, I received a letter informing me that the renovation works were finally approved and scheduled to go ahead. We have no say in the matter.

On top of what we already pay for service charge, each resident is now expected to pay an additional £2599. Sadly, I don't have the resources to cover that cost, and the next few paragraphs will hopefully illustrate why.

Due to chronic ill health (psoriatic arthritis, psoriasis, fused bones in both wrists, depression), I am unable to work. My only source of income is Employment and Support Allowance.

Once the mortgage, council tax and utility bills are paid, what little is left barely covers the groceries. And that cycle keeps repeating.

My savings are but a distant memory. I have zero assets. No car, expensive technology or anything of value that might be easily liquidated into cash.

I tried to explain all of this to the director of a managing agency for our building, and while he did empathise with my situation, he kept referencing the lease terms.

The required sum had to be paid by 05/05/2024 or there would be legal action against me for breach of lease. Just before the deadline passed, I asked if it might be possible to pay in installments. The answer was, unfortunately, negative.

A loan, remortgaging or credit cards are just some of the options that are not available to me as I am unemployed. Government budgeting grants, emergency funds... You name it, I failed to satisfy the eligibility criteria for them all.

Citizens Advice people had nothing for someone in my situation. The few friends I turned to for assistance are equally struggling to simply get by, so they were not in a position to help me either.

Someone wants to see this project done; I get that. But to knowingly push people further into hardship in times of soaring inflation - with crises at every turn - just seems, I don't know... harsh and cold.

The vast majority of us can barely afford the essential items yet are somehow expected to have that kind of cash readily available?

I feel overwhelmed and it would be so easy to spiral. This constant struggle ends up changing you. It becomes a way of being, if you like. And a person can only take so much before breaking.

What is left of my sanity has been gradually eroding ever since this renovation was first proposed. The worst part? I could genuinely lose my home due to things that are beyond my control.

The latest email states I have the next seven days to pay the sum or an 8% interest will be applied to it, and there will be court proceedings to chase the debt, which adds another layer to my dire situation.

I actively tried all that I could. I truly did, but I just don't see a way out. My situation is far from unique. I am painfully aware of that.

Still, if anyone out there finds my plight worthy of their attention, and is able to make a small donation, know that your kindness is appreciated beyond measure.

Best regards,


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