Rowing the Atlantic to End Ocean & Sewage Crisis

by Will Towning in Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom

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We are rowing 3000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean in Dec 2025 to raise donations and awareness for tackling the ocean and sewage crisis.

by Will Towning in Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom

Rowing the Atlantic Ocean to Turn the Tide of the Ocean & Sewage Crisis

The Problem: A Repulsive Reality 

Take just 5 seconds to imagine the stench, disease, and devastation surrounding an  river of faeces flowing uninterrupted for over 400 years. 

That is the repulsive reality of 2023 Britain, where a total 3.6 million hours of raw sewage were discharged into UK waterways. Quite literally a sickening statistic. 


The stakes could not be higher. Not only are our waters fouled by millions of hours of untreated sewage, but our oceans are also choked with over 8 million tons of plastic annually, affecting one in every three fish destined for human consumption. As marine species disappear, ocean temperatures warm, and sea levels rise, the urgent call for change becomes undeniable.

Something must change. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise awareness and funds to combat the ocean and sewage crisis by rowing 3000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean in December 2025. We aim to support Surfers Against Sewage and push for cleaner, healthier waterways.

As lifelong lovers of the sea—Toby, George and Will—we've found solace, connection, and happiness in the water.  From cold-water swimming and sailing to spearfishing and waterskiing. Seeing our beloved waters polluted in this way is heartbreaking.


We want a world where our rivers, lakes, seas and oceans are healthy and teeming with life. Fish are abundant, plants are thriving and nature is valued and protected. Where people can surf, swim, paddle or use the water free from the fear of becoming ill.  

The Time for Action is Now 

We are at a critical juncture. The UK faces an environmental emergency that cannot be ignored. Our waterways are in dire need of attention, and the sewage crisis demands immediate action. The changed government offers a unique opportunity to hold newly elected officials accountable and push for the change we desperately need.

Help us fight for cleaner, healthier waterways.


Alongside Surfers Against Sewage, we advocate for five core measures for making the UK's waters health and safe again.

Enforce the law: We have the regulations and laws we need to End Sewage Pollution. Now we must enforce them. 

Stop pollution for profit: Water companies’ first responsibility must be to the environment, not their shareholders and executives. 

Prioritise high risk pollution: Take immediate targeted action to tackle the highest risk pollution events. 

Empower a nature led approach: Harness the power of nature to End Sewage Pollution. 

Reveal the truth: Deliver UK wide transparency about sewage pollution

About the Challenge 

In December 2025, we set off from La Gomera in the Canary Islands, navigating over 3000 miles of open ocean to land in Antigua in the Caribbean. 

This journey will take between 40 and 65 days, with two of us rowing at any given time on a 2-hour on, 1-hour off cycle. 


We will be fully self-sufficient, surviving on rehydrated food rations and fresh water produced through a Reverse Osmosis System. We expect to loose about 8KG of bodyweight during the crossing as we burn upwards of 5,000 calories a day.


All of the above means we will confront conditions of extreme fatigue, sleep deprivation, and nutritional discipline. 

What do we need the money for?

We need your help to finance this expedition, including acquiring a boat, equipment, food, navigation, and training expenses. Without this funding, we cannot raise the profile of the sewage crisis or inspire action. 

Without your support, we won't be able to maximise media interest, generate critical donations for Surfers Against Sewage, or apply the necessary pressure on legislators to enact change.

Why pledge?

  • Help us raise critical awareness and push for legislative change.
  • Be part of a movement advocating for a healthier, sewage-free UK waterways.
  • Act Now: With a change in government we have unique opportunity to influence bold new policy and ensure the UK prioritises the health of our waterways. Your support can make a crucial impact at this pivotal moment.

How you can be part of our story

  • Select a reward on this page.
  • Add extra funds when you pledge.
  • Spread the word to friends, family, and on social media.
  • Business partnership packages are available, so share our story with your contacts and ask your employers to support our cause!

HODL History

We started in 2021 with the idea to row an ocean to raise donations and awareness for ocean pollution. Our founding crew became the fastest-ever trio to row the Pacific Ocean and raised close to £15,000 for The Ocean Clean-Up. 


HODL has now grown into a larger movement. The acronym stands for 'Hold on For Dear Life' and it represents more than just holding onto our oars. Its a philosophy to hold on to our vision, our values, and our commitment to making a difference. In every trial and triumph, HODLers embody this spirit of resilience, pushing through adversity with determination.

This year, with a new crew, a bigger team and a wealth of experience, we have our sights set on the Atlantic Ocean. Please help us make this happen!



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