Help Keep History Fun, Interactive and Accessible!

by Historical Huzzahs! in Winchester, England, United Kingdom

Help Keep History Fun, Interactive and Accessible!

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Help us fund our new First World War projects. We will run free Skype workshops as R and D and then perform at Schools after the lockdown.

by Historical Huzzahs! in Winchester, England, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 22nd May 2020 we'd raised £1,150 with 37 supporters in 14 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

We will use the extra money to pay for the Actor who facilitates the workshop and the booking fees (£150 per session) This will mean the we can provide 5 pre paid for workshops to schools, costing them nothing! 

Hello, my name is Martin. I run Historical Huzzahs Theatre Company based in Winchester, Hampshire. My passion is performing and history, and when I can combine the two it is fantastic! As someone who lives with Dyslexia, I understand how challenging it can be to have a passion such as history that tends to be text based. It’s for that reason I wanted to start a theatre company that gets history off of the page and up on its feet! We aim to make everything we do interactive, fun and accessible. Since I started Historical Huzzahs last year, we have been lucky enough to take part in a number of different events at some wonderful locations such at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, Theatre Royal Winchester and Hat Fair. Bookings soon began to rise and things started to look really promising. 

Sadly, then came the news of Covid-19 and the sudden closures of museums and theatre which is where we mainly work. With these closures came the cancellations for our main revenue generating events like VE Day celebrations. This immediate drop in bookings has not just impacted the company, but also the actors in which were set to perform. 

Since the lockdown began Historical Huzzahs has been hosting free online workshops for school children who are now being taught from home. These workshops are around 20 minutes in length but can alter due to educational needs. Each of our workshops also comes with a worksheet for the children to fill in as the workshop progresses and acts as a keepsake at the end. The current topics available area ‘Victorian School Experience’, ‘Victorian Medicine and Surgery’, ‘Victorian Tea Time’ and ‘WW2 Home Front’. People may book onto one or all of these workshops, though we suggest they are spread out. Below is a short advert for our Victorian Surgery workshop "Dr Harold Halifax's Medical Spectacles of Medicine and Surgery"

I have been using this time of social isolation for reflection and forward planning. One way we can start to look ahead and to offer free workshops now is by bringing forward our next set of period workshops. These will be based during the First World War. By bringing the workshops forward we can offer free workshops on the topics we are planning as part of our Research and Development period.
Though I have always been of the mindset that if money is needed then I would have to earn it, sadly in these difficult times that simply is next to impossible. Though we could start charging for workshops I don’t want to restrict access to those who can afford to spare money and leave those who cannot spare it without. It is now that I am in a position where I need to ask others for support to help us expand our workshops. Sadly, the cost of creating a new workshop is not cheap. If we were still able to take bookings then this outgoing could be made back within 10 bookings but with no end of the lockdown in sight it will be extremely tough to not run at a loss anytime soon.                       Historical Huzzahs’ Home Fires at Alresford Festival 2019

  Historical Huzzahs specialise in the details. From props to costume we aim to make everything correct and interactive. This does however mean that costs are higher but it is clear from the audiences we have performed to that it is the extra details that make it extra special.

Funding is split into two sections; Section A is props and costume, Section B is to cover wages to keep costs for recovering schools and heritage sites low when they book both Home Fires (WW2 VE Day performance) and The Tommy Trench Experience.

Section A- A large amount of the money needed to be raised is for costume and props. The uniform along comes in at over £600. This is however a key purchase as it is the iconic ‘tommy’ look and will give the workshops a clear visual. Other costs include smaller items such as a replica rifle and bayonet, an essential part the British equipment and something that students can feel the weight of. Replica maps, tins and ‘comforts’ will add another layer of exploration for the children to experience. These less-essential props will however fill up the Tommy’s kit bag and are extremely useful for adding depth to the immersive experience.

Section B- This section of funding will pay for actors to facilitate the workshops and performances. This will allow us to reduce fees for recovering schools and heritage sites once the lockdown is lifted. By raising the funds now, it allows us to support both professional artists but also reducing the costs for schools. In summary, by pledging through our Crowdfunder, you will be supporting Historical Huzzahs’ passion for education and entertainment. You will be helping us supply free educational workshops over Skype and Zoom, and once the lockdown has been lifted then this new set of 20-minute WW1 workshops can be merged and adapted into a full 1-hour workshop for schools.

-"Absolutely wonderful Historical Huzzahs were in my hallway today! Lots of facts and info-my kids really loved it and it will give us some great talking points!"-R.D.

-"Splendid fun, and we learnt tons too- perfectly pitched for all ages and meticulously well researched and prepared. Such a treat to have a home school lesson and have a laugh as well. Can't wait for our next appointment!"-S.M.

  -"Thank you so, so much for the Skype lesson today about WW2. My 8 year old loved it! He has been repeating back to me what he learned - I think the question sheet really helped him focus. Fantastic!"-S.C.

  We are very much aware that in these difficult times money is tight, but any donation will be greatly received. It is with your help that we can bring history to life and make sure it is accessible during these times of isolation.

If you want to find out more information about Historical Huzzahs please feel free to check out our website:

Or if you wish to get in touch or want to book onto one of our free workshops, please email us:
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For donating £10 or over we will make and send you a personalised video message from one of our characters of the past. (Victorian Teacher, Butler or Surgeon, Bill the ARP or Mable our Women's Voluntary Service personnel)

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For donating £20 not only will you receive a personalised video message from one of our characters of the past. But you'll also receive a thank you on our three social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter).

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For JUST £50 pledge - I will bring a workshop to life from the end of your driveway (Victorian Surgery or WW2 ARP). Available to those in the Winchester areas SO20-23.

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For donating £75 you will be one of the first to see our new online worksheets and a special extended 40-minute WW1 workshop on either Skype or Zoom.

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If you donate a very generous £150 – Not only will you get everything from the previous pledges but also, we will perform The Tommy Trench Experience for free at your/your child’s school for free, once it is safe to do so!

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