Fast Broadband For Hilldown Residents

by The HighFibre Project in Southampton, England, United Kingdom

Fast Broadband For Hilldown Residents

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We want to bring high-speed Internet access to Hilldown Road, Southampton.

by The HighFibre Project in Southampton, England, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 19th February 2021 we'd raised £8,000 with 25 supporters in 28 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

We are funded! See our project web site for future updates.

The COVID pandemic has made it more important than ever for every household to have fast Internet access. Yet our neighbours in Hilldown Road - 31 homes -  are unable to have that because their street is unadopted and consequently has not been cabled for high-speed connections at all, despite adjoining the University. Even on the adopted part of the street, the only option for fast connections is Virgin Media, who operate at well under the speed of fibre and who don't allow other ISPs to use their connections.


OpenReach will fix that for us by installing fast fibres to the street - but only if we pay for it. We need about £8000 to cover the installation and the administration involved in making it happen. Once the fibre is installed, a fibre-ready ISP will be able to use it to deliver service competitively to every home provisioned.

Although the amount to join in as a resident starts at £300, that figure assumes almost all of the homes on the street will join in. If you can afford it please pledge more - we will only be able to proceed if the funding target is met. Given the mere availability of FTTP internet adds 1-2% to property values, this is a great investment even if you don't need fast internet now!

Are you a tenant? Your sponsorship would also be very welcome, and if you can persuade your landlord to join us all the better! Please pass on details of this web page and contact us so we know where to send further information to them by post.


OpenReach will only contract with a company, so local business Meshed Insights Ltd has agreed to administer the crowdfunding, the contract with OpenReach and the local interactions so their neighbours can get decent Internet service at the time we all need it most for home working, home schooling -- and indeed for entertainment to get us through the endless restrictions COVID has imposed.

Thanks in anticipation,

Adrian Pickering & Rezaul Miah


This project offered rewards

£300 or more

Hilldown Resident Wanting Fast Internet

You live in Hilldown Road and really want high speed Internet access? Please contribute as much as you can to get us over the line - we suggest £500 (although have set a lower minimum to stay open to all). We will include you in the list of priority properties. We will also provide you with the letter we send to £100+ donors. Note you will still need to arrange with an ISP to get service provided over this new capability.

£5 or more

Just Cheering Us On

Want to show your support even though you don't live near Hilldown Road? Thanks so much! We'll include you in our updates.

£30 or more

Neighbour Solidarity

So you live nearby but you already have high-speed Internet. We are thrilled for you, really. Would you be willing to chip in to help get this project across the line? We'll send you a signed thank-you card when it's all done!

£100 or more

Hilldown Resident Just Wanting To Help

Do you live in Hilldown Road but don't need fast Internet just yet? If we are able to install fast Internet on the street, your property would be more attractive in the future. Helping us make it happen could increase your property value by 2%. In return for your support, we will provide you with a letter confirming fast Internet is available to your home that you can show any future tenant or buyer.

£750 or more

Business Sponsor

Are you running a home business? Do you work from home for a company that might support us? This is the tier for business donors like you! We will provide you with the benefits of the lower tiers, plus an expression of endless gratitude!

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