Helping the poor with the covid19 situation

by Shtibel Gur in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Helping the poor with the covid19 situation


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helping big and poor families during isolation at home with food support and take care of other help needed

by Shtibel Gur in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

you are locked at home with your 10 children you can not go to work you can not go shopping you can not even go and try to find some money to bring home you have to take care of all the other children ages that where we ''shtibel gur '' charity coming in picture  we will find out how many adult at home how many children and how many babies at home then we will make a food help plan what they have and what they can not afford our team will arrange fresh food  for the adult and for the children that not going to school and not getting their regular meals we will do your shopping and bring it to you we will find some nice games / toys for the youngers and interesting fun and learning work sheets and here is you part it is costing us 100's thousands of pounds in the last 1 and half years since covird19 started and that is without the day to day other products  

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