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Your learning needn't be hampered with Covid-19, our online small groups and 1:1 academic tutoring, is engaging and delivers results.

by The TutorBank in London, England, United Kingdom

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On the 24th May 2020 we'd raised £30 with 2 supporters in 56 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

Schools across the UK and the globe are closed and we don't yet know when term will re-start. Parents across the country have been thrown in at the deep end, facing the momentous task of supporting their children' studies from home. 

It's a difficult time to be a parent, there's no doubt about it. No matter how independent or old your child is, you will want to do as much as possible to support their education and secure their future, as they adapt to this significant and disruptive change. None of us want their education to be affected; and it doesn't have to! The good news is, we're here to help.

Our initiative is to provide accessibly priced, high quality, small focused group and 1:1 online tutoring.  These are ideal for parents struggling to maintain the very best standard of education  for their children despite  

· interrupted learning 

· a lack of motivation or engagement  on the part of their child   

· Establish continuity in the previous high level of academic input. 

Our online tutoring service , supports families with children aged  10 to 18 who are preparing for UK school and board exams and UK universities, taught by experienced and qualified specialist tutors across most subjects, for UK and the International Baccalaureate curricula.

What We Do

The TutorBank is an engaging, online tutoring company that began 5 years ago with an amazing team of qualified subject specialist tutors, to provide an exceptional learning experience in 1:1 and small group settings to students. We teach through an online platform, across most academic subjects including modern foreign languages.  We have relied solely on 'word of mouth' to date, to reach out to students of all backgrounds and cultures, to grow steadily. These are challenging times with the covid-19 pandemic outbreak crisis.  We want to be able to expand our reach to more students from a diverse range of the community and help them in their learning journey during this unprecedented time, by holding affordable online group sessions.

Feedback from parents and students talk about the enormous benefit our focused approach has had on their learning. It has provided them with the ability to understand and apply concepts and skills, that can be used across many subjects. This raises both, their school grades and their confidence. We're crowdfunding now to grow our project and ensure we can reach out to at least 5,000 students over the next two years, by enhancing their subject knowledge. Your pledge will cover vital costs including growing our reach, expanding our team of qualified specialist tutors and continue to deliver engaging sessions that make for an exceptional learning experience with our student community, attain stellar grades and improve their employability chances for a better future. 

Our Vision in a few words is, to leave no child behind, academically. 

We do this by:  

- Addressing the learning styles of each student by adopting a tailored approach to teaching, in way they can retain what they learn. 

-Enhancing  their performance at school by teaching complex concepts in a simplistic way 

-Inspiring the love of learning in every student we take on board, introducing them to various reading material that gives them the ability to analyse and think critically, to extend their knowledge further. 

- Making a difference to their learning trajectory - by empowering students from a diverse range of cultural and economic backgrounds with the subject knowledge and exam skills they will need, to increase their career prospects for the future. 

Our Impact 

We tailor our approach and our programme works well for every student we take on board. 

All our students have commented on the enormous benefit they have had from our focused approach, the ability to teach them the concepts well and help them apply what they learnt. It has inspired them, given them the skills to use across other subjects and raised their school grades and confidence levels too.

What Our Students Say About Us

"TheTutorbank was a key driver for my success in my GCSE's last year. At the start of my GCSE course in year 10, I was predicted a 5 in both subjects. With the assistance of highly knowledgeable tutors that taught me Maths and English for almost a year of group tutoring, I managed to achieve an astonishing 9 in English literature, an 8 in English language and a 6 in Maths and received the headmasters' commendation with four more 8's bagged in my other subjects. The Tutorbank's excellent teaching methods enhanced my understanding in these subjects and has continued to help me today at A levels too, with substantial improvements in my school grades. I would highly recommend them to other students who may be struggling to hit the top grades required and lack self confidence." Jake -Yr 11, UK

TheTutorBank has provided me with an excellent academic boost and knowledge, through their outstanding teaching by qualified Oxbridge tutors. At the beginning of my early entry exam in year 10 for English Language GCSE, I was sitting at a grade 3, a D, with truly no self belief that I was going to be able to achieve anything above a pass 4. Through the daily lessons with TheTutorBank, I was provided with a much broader knowledge of the syllabus content, a lot of that was not even covered at school by my teachers. Alongside the exam skills and ability to properly breakdown questions and answer them to the highest level. At the end of year 10, I achieved a grade 7, equivalent to an A in English Language. They also helped me gain an 8, equivalent to an A* in English Literature in year 11 GCSE exams. The exam skills they taught me were priceless, alongside the ability to intelligently answer essay questions that helped me score 8s in my other subjects such as History and Business Studies too. If it wasn’t for the sessions I did with TheTutorbank, I most certainly wouldn’t have been able to achieve such outstanding grades, which has opened a variety of doors to me today, that many of my peers don’t have. I am now selected for a course at LSE. Simon - sixth form, UK

“The TutorBank really helped to accelerate my understanding of the most difficult aspects of each subject for my A levels. The online sessions were incredibly convenient and they understood the need for extra extension work to help me stand out, so I could meet the grades I needed, to secure a firm offer at the university of my first choice, for my course. I am now selected to attend Edinburgh University for my preferred course. The attention to detail during my mocks or exam season was spot on, my tutors made me feel extremely comfortable and at ease and motivated me every step of the way to do my best"  Zack, Yr13 -UK

I was recommended to TheTutorBank by a friend, at a time when I was desperate to find someone to help my daughter to join an English speaking school at grade 7 with zero knowledge of English. I didn’t have hope to see this fast a progress. However, after just 4-5 lessons with an ESL tutor, my daughter started teaching me some English words even I didn’t know ! After tutoring, she secured her seat at the school we wanted admissions to. If you want a wow result, it’s the right private tutoring company to contact. - Olga, Yr 6- Ukraine

For more information and to get in touch, visit :

-Please share this campaign with everyone you know via social media, email or text -Pay it forward with group session rewards with a one year expiry date.

We need to raise £35K, so we can embark on our vision. Let's come together to make this happen. If we exceed our target, we have plans to go even further, giving our project more tools to increase our reach and impact students career choices positively.

We need each other now - get behind us, during this unprecedented period. 

Thank you all, do stay safe and healthy.

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