Help Us Reverse Bruce's Deportation to Zimbabwe

by BARAC UK in London, Greater London, United Kingdom


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Bruce was wrongly and unjustly deported to Zimbabwe at the end of August. We are raising funds for legal fees to appeal against this.

by BARAC UK in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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Alison Hersey 1st November 2021

The hostile policy towards immigrants was set in place by Teresa May when she was Prime Minister, it is a shameful policy and shows how low Politicians have stooped and is a disgrace.

Elizabeth Mansfield 13th September 2021

I am so ashamed of my country for forcing people to return to Zimbabwe. This government is vicious and its actions are unforgivable. I hope Bruce gets the support he needs to return home to the UK.

Julia Callow 13th September 2021

The criminal justice system we have in the UK is nonsense. If someone commits a crime and serves their sentence and leaves prison rehabilitated that should be the end of it. Why deport someone years later to a country where they have no prospects or contacts or safety? Bruce may have been born in Zimbabwe but for all intents and purposes he is British now and he deserves to come home to the life he has built for himself. I hope he can return and remain in the UK.

Shelley Peters 13th September 2021

I find the actions of the UK in this regard appalling. This is not the kind, safe country I came to and is becoming more and more like the country I left. I hope this can be successfully challenged. This person is British and his crimes (minor as they were) should be owned by Britain. I hope he returns to his home where he belongs.

Lucy Nabijou 12th September 2021

This is a critically important case, fighting back against this government's quotidian cruelty. I hope with all my heart Bruce's deportation is reversed.

Andrew Scott 11th September 2021

The government are making a mockery of British justice on a daily basis. They need to go. Bring Bruce home. Nobody who’s lived here all their lives should be deported anywhere.

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