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by Lovelocalcolletive in Plymouth, England, United Kingdom

Love Local Collective
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Our small team needs the resources (laptop, desk, software etc) to continue supporting and empowering your independent scene as best we can!

by Lovelocalcolletive in Plymouth, England, United Kingdom

Live Local, Love Local

The human race, our world, could do with a whole lot more positivity, love and stability. Don't you agree?

A movement has begun. It’s a movement that takes consumers away from large retailers and impersonal chains and introduces them to the hidden-gems and local heroes doing business in their very own cities.

We are all are powerful consumers, but consumers with heart. 

As our world becomes increasingly unsettled – politically, socially, environmentally – we want more from our own lives; more meaning, more connectivity. We seek experiences and meaning in our lifestyle choices; to feel the impact of real-life communication with real people. And we want to engage with brands that share our own values. 

Be The Change...

It won't happen overnight, but the LLC is driving the change we wish to see in the world - believing that it starts at the core of society; all things local, independent and sustainable.

Unsatisfied, unfulfilled and underwhelmed by the same old, impersonal, large and greedy chain outlets, we found ourselves on a cultural, inspiring trip into the wonderful world of independent and local establishments.

Our aim is to share, empower and support just that; helping both the independent scene and local economy to flourish whilst keeping tummies and people happy. 

We love the passion, the people, the value for money and the trendy, fresh, local delicious food and beverages that make up the backbone of our local economy. 

It's Cool to be Kind

As powerful consumers with heart we believe that, where possible, our money should feed back into the local economy. It makes us feel good to support passionate local business owners and their friendly teams and, in turn, makes them feel good too. And (all opinions being our own, of course) we fully believe that the unique character, the honest love and the distinctive service that make up an independent provides the best brunches, coffee, music, service and experiences going. 

Let's be Independent, Together!

As well as nurturing ourselves, it is important that we use food to turn our focus to the world around us. Using our secret weapons, our local independent businesses, we can drive a revolutionary change from within.

It is our hope that the LLC and the legends who are apart of it act as a catalyst to get the population excited about living locally again; to spark constructive discussions and to shed some much needed positive light onto the experience of eating, drinking and socialising. 

Help You by Helping Us

We're a small team with just 1 laptop, 1 camera, less than mediocre software and 1 well-travelled car between us. This seriously limits us in regards to how many local independents we can visit and feature. 

We'd love to be able to feature, share, empower and support as many businesses as we can in the best, eye-catching and riveting ways but are finding it increasingly difficult to physically get to them, and even more difficult to write glowing reviews, take and edit brilliant photos with just one laptop/camera between us. 

The LLC has a lot of interest and hits a real chord with the population, and we know it has so much potential to reach far and wide. However, it's becoming a game of 'can I have the laptop yet?', 'let me just finish this one sentence....', 'This would make a brilliant shot, but you have the camera...'. 

Your kind, more-appreciated-than-you-know donations will go towards:

- A nifty laptop so we can all type, edit and research at the same time

 - Web development so we can make our website as good as it should be

- Business Cards and Merchandise we can continue 'loving local' at a faster rate, offering a more user-friendly online experience with even better content and connectivity. 

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Visit our site to learn more and get a feel for what we do:

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