Futsal and Fitness Camps: Improving mental health

by Dr Miriam Bouchiba in London, England, United Kingdom

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Improving the mental and physical health of young people by giving them access to futsal & fitness sessions

by Dr Miriam Bouchiba in London, England, United Kingdom

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On the 26th May 2021 we'd raised £1,920 with 35 supporters in 48 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

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We are a registered UK charity (charity no. 1194598). We sponsor  children to have access to high quality futsal and fitness coaching and also make provisions for healthy foods and drinks. With the extra money we will continue to sponsor more and more children! It will also mean that we can sponsor each individual child for a longer period of time. 




My name is Miriam and I am founder of the registered charity, The Futsal Stars Foundation (charity number 1194598). I have teamed up with a group of London FA-affiliated football and futsal coaches to help facilitate coaching courses for children and holiday camps, to help improve the mental and physical wellbeing of young people in the community. We operate in East Sussex and London. 

Through my job as a NHS healthcare professional, I come into daily contact with young people from all different backgrounds.

Our team collectively believes that we can help to make a change in the mental and physical health of many young people, through the provision of futsal & fitness after-school coaching sessions, holiday camps and access to competitive matches and leagues. 1628670817_b62b71e4-76a7-4161-aed7-8661e1aa08f8.jpg


We want our positive impact in the community to be sustainable and long-term by tackling mental health issues. 

Playing team sport in a safe and inclusive environment can play an essential role in building a young person’s self-esteem and confidence. It has also been shown to reduce stress, anxiety and the risks of depression. 

The physical benefits of regularly playing sport include improved cardiovascular health, increased bone density, muscle strengthening and reduced blood pressure. 

We are also passionate that many more young women should engage in sports like football and futsal (a South American type of football)! Therefore, we will make a continued effort to sponsor just as many girls as we do boys! 1628670804_dd54aad8-1111-4cb7-994b-6342fb28882c.jpg


  • 15 children entered a unique 3-a-side competitive league for 11 weeks (Camden and Islington Youth Futsal League) 
  • Camden Giving sponsored us to run an October half-term camp in Camden
  • 42 children were sponsored to do a 5 week summer football and futsal camp in Sussex1628670732_img_8607.jpg


We are passionate that all children should have access to sports regardless of ethnic background, gender or financial status. We want to break down the very real gap that exists in today’s society, where not all children do have equal opportunities.

The coaching team will provide coaching sessions throughout the year to the children who are sponsored as well as providing access to competitive matches/leagues. The more we raise the more children we can sponsor! 1628671135_9fd948c2-e456-4966-9c83-dcd080063f00.jpg



  • Football and futsal after-school coaching sessions 
  • Access to holiday camps 
  • Allow the children to enter competitive matches and leagues
  • Travel costs 
  • Food and drink for the children during sessions or matches 


*We vow to update all donors regularly on where the money we raise is spent. We will update everyone through social media and also on this Crowdfunder page. 



Due to the covid-19 pandemic an increasing number of young people have fallen victim to mental health problems, be this new mental health issues or the worsening of existing issues. The reason for this exacerbation is social exclusion, isolation and loneliness suffered through lockdown. To reiterate, research by UCH has shown that children whose parents are suffering financial hardship are more likely to be affected. 

Also through the pandemic, we have seen an increasing number of job losses and parents having to depend on social support/ benefits system. This means there is now an even greater need to support parents and their children through difficult times. We believe that any small assistance we can make will make a huge difference to a child’s life, not only short-term but also in the long-term. 

*Please contact me on [email protected], if you would like further information. 1628670787_34558749-ec37-439d-b1d1-4dce589c758d.jpg


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A thank you card from the children we sponsor!

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