Help the working mules of Morocco

by Ellen Cochrane in Colwall Green, England, United Kingdom

Help the working mules of Morocco

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Improving mule welfare in Morocco by encouraging the use of kind equipment and good handling skills, + education on all aspects of welfare.

by Ellen Cochrane in Colwall Green, England, United Kingdom

I am looking to raise money for future trips to Morocco to continue to assist in improving mule welfare through education and replacing the traditional bits which cause pain and suffering with simple head collars. This includes providing training on how to use them and promoting good handling skills.

Traditional bit -


1606058001_1b3422df-0087-43b5-bd67-a1b31381bc89.jpegA lot of people will have seen I recently entered a horsemanship competition with my own mule in the hopes of winning £2000 to go towards this, we did well but came second so I’ve been encouraged to set a fundraiser up!

The trips will obviously be done once travel is allowed again after COVID, and whilst I am happy to fund myself, unfortunately COVID has had a negative affect on my own businesses and unfortunately personal savings have reduced.

I will be working alongside Jarjeer Mule and Donkey Refuge going forward, however I do not wish to take funds away from their work for my trips as they have seen a drop in donations due to COVID and not having visitors to the refuge. They have also seen a huge increase in neglect and new cases come into them due to the pandemic. 

My previous time in Morocco has created a lot of interest from local people in my work, and some brilliant improvements from muleteers has been seen. I would like to now build on this looking mainly at the use of traditional bits, but also tethering and other welfare issues these mules face. 

Money raised will help pay the expenses of the travel but also pay for the time of local people assisting me; muleteers who take a day away from work to learn from me or to teach others, guides who give their time to translate for me etc. I feel very strongly about paying people fairly for their time. The lack of tourism due to COVID in a country that relies on tourism has been difficult, so the work will also help to bring some paid work to those who are involved in our project once we can travel again.

Thank you for reading. Here are some happy mule partnerships when understanding is shared and education available. 



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