Help! - The Cat in the Window Cafe

by hello in Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom

Help! - The Cat in the Window Cafe
We did it
On 30th August 2017 we successfully raised £8,437 with 592 supporters in 28 days

To raise the funds required to cover Aberdeen City Council's horrific rise in business rates!

by hello in Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom

We desperately need your help!

Like so many other small businesses in Aberdeen, we are drowning under the new business rates enforced by our city council.  It's a scary time for our city, with independent businesses closing down at a startling rate meanwhile the streets make room for yet more chain companies and new developments snuffing us all out.  As is the current trend with businesses like ours in Aberdeen, the new rate increase puts our little company under so much strain; it basically puts us out of business.  Our valuation has jumped so high from previous years which means our humble little cafe, with our six staff members, is thrown out of the 'small business' category and we no longer get any sort of discount to soften the blow.  We are, of course, appealing this valuation, along with half of Aberdeen but having met with the council on the matter it appears unlikely that it will get us anywhere, meanwhile they demand the funds imposed on us ahead of this appeal.  It's sad to say the council would rather see us and others like us closing our doors and putting our employees out of work than reconsider their stance on the matter.

However, we don’t like to throw in the towel that easily!  We have a huge support network and loyal customer base in you guys that is not to be underestimated. With your help not only will you be saving our business with its strong community roots, but also show the big boys that they cannot intimidate us out of business without a fight!!

We need to raise a whopping £9087.00 to cover this bill, without which we will seriously have to consider shutting up shop.  Without compromising the welfare of our cats we have no other means of raising these funds; we also refuse to increase our prices further, which would make spending time at the cafe with our kitties unaffordable to many of our loyal customers.

Any funds we can raise will massively help our cause. If we can raise above and beyond our target the funds will be split between donations to our chosen charity, Mrs. Murrays Cat & Dog Home, and much needed improvements to the cafe.  So please give what you can and save not only our business but also our little family within it.  

We want to assure everyone that if worst comes to worse and we do have to close, our cats will all come back and live permanently with Cat mum & owner Heather, in the house they have called home since the beginning.  We would also like to say that our turnover meets our operating costs and little more, and so our profit margins are very low.  We did not launch this company for financial gain. We started it because we wanted a more meaningful life doing something we love, providing people with kitty companionship.  We love you all and we aren’t ready to say goodbye just yet!!

Much love, 

The Cat in the Window Cafe Team

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