Build a home for poor homeless disabled family

by Ruzina Begum in West Bromwich, England, United Kingdom

Build a home for poor homeless disabled family


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Bismillahir Rahmaneer RaheemPeace be upon the one reading this, I would like to help raise funds for a very poor family who have been made h...

by Ruzina Begum in West Bromwich, England, United Kingdom

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Sayyidah Saffia 1st January 2021

Salaam. May Allah (swt) accept all our donations. Allah bless sister Safiya’s family, accept all her duas and grant healing to her family (Ameen).

Dilara Begum 22nd December 2020

We are so grateful for everything we have been blessed with, alhamdullillah . It is our duty as humans to help other humans who are not as fortunate as us. May Allah swt bless him with health and prosperity so that he can move into his new home with good health and his family, ameen, thuma ameen.

Safiya Hussain 18th December 2020

Yes i love this idea as it helps the ummah and others to appreciate what we have Alhamdhulillah May allah swt always guide us to the right path and grant us all a place in jannah m. Aameen Thumma Aameen

Ruzina Begum 12th December 2020

Ameen! Thank you everyone Allah accept our donation. Please also, make dua for Safia husband, hes very unwell and not responsive as he's been diagnosed with liver cancer in the last few days. Please make dua for his healing and long life I wish he gets to see his new family home in shaa Allah he has struggled all his life in trying to persistently feed his family by doing daily work

Ruzina Begum 10th December 2020

Thank you to everyone new who has donated Allah bless you all, Allah bless sister Nasreen,Hira Ali and all your duas, please oeay the house that us buolt is blessed and is a beautifyl and peaceful abise one that Allah blesses with noor khair and baraka. I pray that Allah brings prosperity, noor, khair and baraka to all my supporters wallahi in ebry way and answers all your duas ameen. Please keep me and my family and the entire ummah. jazak Allah khair

Ruzina Begum 7th December 2020

Salams to everyone of my supporters on here and to the new ones too, thank you soo much for your donations, Gulshanara affa, Tanvir hossein, shajna affa,saira khala, and everyone some are anonymous Allah accept all our duas and Allah bless you guys endlessly here and hereafter Ameen

Ruzina Begum 6th December 2020

Reply to Natasha Hey sis thank you soo much for your support, may Allah increase and give the good in this life and hereafter and answer your most heartfelt duas Ameen!

Ruzina Begum 6th December 2020

Reply to Rehana affa Affa yoir amazing thank so much for raising awareness of this project Allah bless you in every way grant you everything good here and hereafter Ameen Ma shaa Allah

Ruzina Begum 6th December 2020

I am overwhelmed with all your support honestly guys, may Allah bless each and everyone of you and the people who have read the profile, and the people who intended to give but couldn't Allah bless you all regardless Ameen and accept yout duas. Please keep me and my family in your duas and Safia and her family too

Ruzina Begum 6th December 2020

Allah bless everyone with noor, khair, and baraka for donating. Ameen, thank you sooo much you will forward everyones names to Safia she will make dua for you all sincerely she is a very pious soul, full of love, humility and a big open hearted. Her smile is amazing she never shows her sorrows and never asks for anything! One beautiful soul I will never forget and she's so grateful regardless of her circumstances and her duas are from her heart! The comment from sister Nazma yes in shaa Allah its a great idea thank you will look into it. Allah bless you my beautiful sister : ) Ameen Al fatiha may Allah grant everyone's duas and needs Ameen!

Nazma 6th December 2020

Salaam rujina, the houses in bdesh will cost more the 1k. Plz make sure u get a proper quote, b4 you sent the money over. I started a house for a widow and 5 orphans. With a budge of 1k ended up coasting 3k. .

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