Help Paul Rebuild His Life

by Tamara Sireling in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Help Paul Rebuild His Life


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We are raising money to help Paul get the medical treatment he needs. His ailments mean he is unable to work to pertain the funds himself.

by Tamara Sireling in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Paul has a complex history of both mental and physical health conditions. Even before Covid, it was difficult for his NHS GP's to send him to such a large array of specialists. None of his mental health issues were ever resolved, making every day a struggle alongside the inability to go out alone.

Paul suffers from Haemochromatosis (an overload of iron in the blood), causing chronic fatigue. Paul additionally suffers from Fibromyalgia, a chronic nerve pain which can come on any time and leaves him debilitated through-out the day/night.

Paul was pre-diabetic for 7 years, but diagnosed with stage 2 diabetes October 2021. The condition has had a very harsh impact on what was already a difficult situation.

All these conditions have caused him significant muscle wastage, creating a need for carers to help him get dressed and undressed at a significantly high cost.

As for the mental health conditions, he has  - PTSD, Depression, Anxiety and OCD leading Paul to disassociated episodes, suicidal attempts and self harm.

Paul was referred to an NHS Psychiatrist who has stated in her appraisal report in May 2019 that he is untreatable. There were various other claims in the letter that were spurious and have blocked Paul from receiving any therapy treatment. When Paul was 18, he suffered sexual abuse and was raped. This was never taken seriously as he is a man, and when he sought help at the time, no-one would hear. This caused so much severe trauma, both the abuse and the lack of help, that Paul now has  male-phobia and cannot engage with any men, especially not health care professionals.

Your donations will help toward the following that the NHS are refusing to give - A years worth of private weekly therapy treatment (£150 per session), private health care to provide what the NHS will not (£1000 approx), physiotherapy (£75 per session, 12 needed), homeopathic medication (£250 per month), additional carers and drivers to take him out (£100 per week).

Thank you in advance for your donations and we will keep the page updated regularly. Please help us help Paul rebuild his life.

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