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by Paradox Design + Coffee in London, England, United Kingdom

Help Paradox Build The Future


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We’re Kat+Zain of Paradox.We need your support to gain match funding from the Mayor, as it was launched after our crowdfund ended in 2020

by Paradox Design + Coffee in London, England, United Kingdom

Crowdfund update & match funding

Well. It’s been quite the year hasn’t it? 2020 has become somewhat of a dirty phrase only to be said in hushed tones... But we personally can only be grateful for the weird journey that we’ve been taken on. Though we’ve struggled, we’re still here- all of us. For me some of the overwhelm has only really hit this year, when we had a chance to pause. We’ve worked almost nonstop since the end of May. And the threat of burnout was very real. But last year gave us so many great things that’s it’s hard to stay mad at it for long. 

We’ve forged so many great relationships through the cafe and our design work in the last few months, and enriched many existing ones too. We feel that somehow this scary situation we’ve all found ourselves in involuntarily has created a wonderful connection between us all that may not have come about so organically under the “usual” circumstances (whatever that means nowadays). It’s been the light in the dark. 

Being open through subsequent lockdowns and restrictions has kept us hopeful that although we can’t yet plan too far into the future- the future exists. The cafe has been going from strength to strength since we reopened at the end of May and we’ve honestly been knocked off our feet by everyone’s support. Visitors old and new, regular and the not so regular. 

Hell, my plan was to keep this brief but it’s hard to fit so much gratitude into a few paragraphs ????

Okay, so we’re crowdfunding. Last time we were pretty desperate. We had no idea what the future had in store, no income and no government support and your every donation made our hearts explode. Although we unfortunately didn’t reach our target you really helped us hit the ground running. Made it possible for us to make the necessary adaptations to the space, pay some rent! Gave us hope. 

This time, we aren’t asking for donations. What we would love is for you to pre-pay for coffees, retail bags, design services etc (there are plenty of new rewards coming this month)

Real things that you can hold in your hands. 

What we need is to raise enough money to obtain the mayor’s match funding- just over £2000 in total - which will essentially mean your money is doubled. It will help us to breathe. And potentially close at the times it feels less pos

We have big dreams for Paradox.
But the next few months are still very uncertain. For all the great things- Being open during a global pandemic is also gut wrenching at times, weekends specifically when we still notice people visiting from out of London among other things. As cafe owners, there’s only so much we can control. Staying open is currently our only option- and no matter how safely we are operating unfortunately we cannot control the behaviour of others.

Shutting on the weekends may well be on the cards for us if security (which we are pushing for) is not brought back by Netil Market as soon as possible.
We’re not here for people who don’t care about other people. But business wise, that would leave quite a considerable dent for us. So here we are once again. Needing to raise our own support where the wider government has fallen short so that we can be more confident of survival. So that’s our priority.

To support the unknown future.

As ever, thank you for just being your wonderful selves. We’re always available via email, d/m’s on Instagram or indeed at the cafe if you have any questions or just need a chat.
We’re here, and you best believe one of the rewards is going to be a set of “Dogs of the Paradox” postcards...

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£20 or more

20% Discount For A Year

We’re offering you 20% of your coffee orders for a whole year! Which adds up to a whole heap of savings on your daily/weekly drinks. We’re only releasing 20 cards & discount will be active as soon as the crowdfund ends on the 1st March. (Includes all liquid hot drinks & iced coffee style drinks in summer. Excludes retail coffee & packaged goods)

£10 or more

£10 Gift Card

£10 to spend with us once we reopen

£50 or more

£50 Gift Card

Support us with £50 today for you to spend once we reopen PLEDGE NOW> CLAIM LATER

£50 or more

Five Bags of Coffee

Pre-pay for 5 bags of retail coffee (to be redeemed against regular stock, which averages £10-£14 per bag)

£55 or more

Bespoke Magazine Rack

Maybe you’ve noticed the rather tasty mag rack we have in the cafe? Tis made to fit on our wall - but we can build you your own version. Ours is 90cm x 36cm & fits a couple of magazines or books on each shelf. But, all the details are flexible. If you’re after something much BIGGER or much smaller get in touch and we can discuss details ????

£100 or more

100 Filters

ONE HUNDRED!?!? Of our delicious batch filters... that works out as £1 a cup. (I know right?) we have been known recently to stick a Gesha or something on there too so tis worth putting your money down for ???? You’ll have a year to use it so plenty of time. We’ve all got plenty of problems right now (maybe not 99, but ????) but your batch doesn’t need to be one (yeh sorry, just couldn’t help myself...)

£5 or more

5 coffees £5

Your next five drinks for just £1 each! What utter madness!

£20 or more

Five Dot Botanics Pure Rewind Face Mask

Pure Rewind Face Mask has Rose Clay & Lavender (smells wonderful) Helps to restore balance to your face & also your mind. Five Dot Botanics use only five ingredients in each of their products - nothing extra, nothing you don’t need or want to put on your face. Just beautiful,vegan & made in London by the wonderful Zaffrin & Brian who have also allowed us to offer them as rewards here without profit. So we’re offering them at discounted prices.

£24 or more

Thermal KeepCup 6oz + 2 Coffees (Aubergine)

We’re excited to be accepting KeepCups again! Still contact free So latte art is a bit more challenging! The new thermal 6oz cup, perfect for your flatwhite - or whatever else you wish to put in it! (and fits in a good sized pocket!) Also includes an extra coffee on us !

£25 or more

£25 Gift Card

£25 to spend once we reopen PLEDGE NOW> CLAIM LATER

£30 or more

Five Dot Botanics Deep Feed Face Serum

The Deep Feed serum is super nourishing, and smells unbelievable. Five Dot Botanics uses only five ingredients in each of their products - nothing extra, nothing you don’t need or want to put on your face. Just beautiful, vegan & made in London by the wonderful Zaffrin & Brian who have also allowed us to offer them as rewards here without profit. So we’re offering them at discounted price points ♥️

£40 or more

Bespoke Latte Art Dice * only 5 available!

A one of a kind dice, you choose the pours and the level of challenge from the vast range available! - all poured by Dhan Tamang especially for us. You can then include -if you wish- a logo, name or short message on one side (this side is usually considered a free pour option for throwdowns etc) Deliverable worldwide or collectible from Paradox once we reopen.

£100 or more

100 Filters

Get a limited edition (covid-19 special) Support us with £100 and your next 100 Batch Filters are covered. £1 per amazing coffee?! You'll get a special card and everything PLEDGE NOW> CLAIM LATER

£180 or more

Skandihus Sign

Bespoke signage for the wonderful Skandihus

£200 or more

200 Coffees

Your next 200 coffees, just £1 each! You'll receive a special 200 Club Card. Valid on any hot espresso based drinks (other options at our discretion) for the next year once we reopen.

£250 or more

The Makoffee Corner

Bespoke coffee unit for brewing & storing coffee.

£400 or more

Arty Vegan Counter

Bespoke counter for The Arty Vegans new shop in Angel! - COMING SOON!

£600 or more

Process // Ben Collab

Special request

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