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Our young small business has suffered severely from two lockdowns and an unsupportive landlord. I want to fight on to stay open.

by The Barbery in London, England, United Kingdom

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Philip Mansbridge 20th December 2020

I love the Barbary and Charl, Cheyleigh and the Team are always great. I always enjoy my apts there. It's times like this communities like ours must come together to help each other. Stay strong team - we will all get through this xx

Greg-Henri Bize 2nd December 2020

Charl and team, we wish you to come out strong from this difficult period and want to continue to see the Barbery around the corner. See you Saturday. All the best, GH

Paul Collins 28th November 2020

I have yet to visit The Barbery but looking forward to my first visit next week when this second lockdown ends. I am an SE1 resident and consider it vitally important that the community has such businesses in its area. A barbers or hairdressers has never only ever been about hair - they are important hubs for locals to meet, catch up on the gossip and to look out for each other. Especially important for us singletons during these difficult days! I am not normally given to speaking out, but in this instance feel that it is necessary - shame on the landlord for not being human enough to recognise the value that small businesses bring to any community and for jeopardising the livelihoods of hard-working people trying to make a living.

Manfred Abraham 27th November 2020

I hope that this little contribution helps to keep such a fantastic place open. These are strange times and the Barbery deserves to continue. Good luck Charl and team

Nathan Gbz 26th November 2020

Hello Guys, I know it's a very difficult time and I really hope to see you and come back again in your place. Im very sad and angry that your Landlord doesn't help and the government forgot the local business.

Micah Willbrand 25th November 2020

Charl and team Unfortunately I had to move back home overseas but hopefully this helps to keep your vision alive. Hands down you and the team are the best group I've ever been too. Keep your chin up! Cheers!


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