Jinnix - the app that pays you back on purchases

by Nickolas A. in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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A simple and easy to use mobile app to help Clients to save money on their daily purchases.

by Nickolas A. in London, Greater London, United Kingdom


Growing up, I watched my parents work tirelessly to make ends meet. My mother ran a small restaurant. From a young age, I was immersed in the world of retail, understanding the importance of every penny saved and earned. However, I also saw the challenges they faced with the old-fashioned coupon systems and the constant struggle to find the best deals to stretch our limited budget.

One day, as I was walking through a store, and I saw a mother with her two children. She was carefully flipping through a thick stack of coupons, trying to find the ones that matched the items in her cart. The frustration on her face was palpable, and it struck a chord with me. There had to be a better way to help families save money without all the hassle.

This moment stayed with me as I pursued my education. In Italy, I majored in Computer Science, fascinated by the potential of technology to solve real-world problems. Later, I delved deeper into consumer behavior and market trends. The idea of simplifying the shopping experience and making savings accessible to everyone became my passion.

After a few years working as a product manager at a leading tech company, where I honed my skills in developing user-friendly apps, and where I learned about strategic growth and scaling businesses, I felt ready to turn my vision into reality. I wanted to create a solution that would combine my technical expertise and understanding of the retail landscape to empower consumers in a way that was previously unimaginable.

And so, Jinnix's idea was born.


Jinnix is designed with one core mission: to transform the way people save money. Instead of dealing with the cumbersome traditional coupon system, I envisioned an app that could provide instant cash back on everyday purchases through a simple, user-friendly interface.

Initially, the idea was met with skepticism. How could a mobile app replace the tried-and-true methods of clipping coupons and mailing rebates? But I'm determined. Jinnix's development focused on integrating seamlessly with various retailers and brands, providing personalized offers, and utilizing data analytics to make the process as efficient as possible.

With Jinnix everyone could now save money without the stress and time commitment. We'll also introduce features like teamwork and bonuses to foster a community of savvy shoppers who could share tips and support each other. Every step of the way, my motivation remained the same: to make saving money easy and accessible for everyone, just as I had once wished for my own family.

Jinnix it's more than just a cash-back app; it's a tool that helps families save money and makes everyday life a little bit easier.



Jinnix is a mobile app designed to provide users with instant cash back on their everyday purchases. Here’s a detailed overview of how it works and its features:



Wide Range of Retailers:

Jinnix already pre-partners with many well-known stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, drugstores, and online retailers.

Bonus Programs:

The app offers various bonus opportunities such as teamwork bonuses (when friends also use the app), seasonal bonuses, and retailer-specific bonuses.

Referral Program:

Users can earn additional cash by referring friends to the app. When a referred friend signs up and redeems their first offer, both the referrer and the friend receive a bonus.

User-Friendly Interface:

The app is designed to be easy to navigate, with categorized offers, search functionality, and user account management features.



Jinnix' concept was incubated in January 2024, and a prototype is on his making. The concept already very well received recognitions from retailers.

The app is now completely designed. The next step is to complete the development of the app.


The prototype was developed entirely by myself. I can continue to develop the app myself but the risk of not having a fully functionally app is high. I realized that in order to scale the development, I need to expand the development resources beyond myself so that I can get the development off the ground quickly.

What we need now is funding for the development & marketing efforts.



We are seeking to raise £30,000 to support the development and marketing of Jinnix. The breakdown of the required funding is as follows:

1. £10,000 - Complete the design and development of the app

2. £20,000 - First Year Maintenance & Support + Marketing and Promotion cost


Other Ways You Can Help

Besides contributing, there are other ways you can help:

Help us get the word out and create awareness for the campaign

Use Crowdfunder share tools to promote the campaigns on your social media channels



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For all contributions above £50, you will have your name displayed on Jinnix' website as our "FRIEND" + our DEEPEST GRATITUDE for your support of Jinnix and raising awareness around Costumer's savings.

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