Help me get breast surgery!!

by Leanne Jones in London, England, United Kingdom

Help me get breast surgery!!


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I'm trying to raise money to help afford surgery to reduce the fat tissue inside my breasts.

by Leanne Jones in London, England, United Kingdom

I will use the money earned to put towards my breast reduction surgery. I have needed this surgery for around 6 years and the symptoms have been getting significantly worse over time - I am currently suffering daily with painful problems due to the weight on my breasts compared to my back width. I am dealing with rashes and indents if I try to wear a bra, I am dealing with the shoulder and neck pain from bad posture due to the weight of them. I am also dealing with tenderness in each breast - making it painful to touch or even move sometimes. Physical symptoms aside, I am suffering greatly with self esteem issues from hating them - I cannot wear anything I'd like and as a young woman, this is extremely difficult and damaging to my mental health. I am unable to perform any form of exercise because of my boobs and physio also has not worked. I would be waiting around 3 years waiting time for the NHS to help with this due to the large demand on NHS - I would love some donations to try and cut down that time significantly by going private to achieve the results now. 

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