Help me and let me get back on track

by Lauren Rooney in Altrincham, , United Kingdom

Help me and let me get back on track
We did it
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To fund my new and sole business venture

by Lauren Rooney in Altrincham, , United Kingdom

If you’ve been sent this link it’s because you’re aware of my story the last few years, or you’re dead rich.

After one thing then the other I’ve finally decided to go on my own and set up my own business doing what I do best, selling.

To be a single parent with no support is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Not emotionally I love being Alex’s Mum. But financially. To be in a job full time is pretty much impossible with days off for sickness, 12 weeks a year holidays from school, looking after my Mum. Trying to stay sane (not done a right good job of that I’ll be honest)

Ive always wanted to have my own thing, be successful in life and by that I mean happy doing what I’m doing. I know and I know that you know that I’m very capable of making money. I was so proud of where I got to in my life before the last few years of absolute shite happened. It’s not materialist, I never bought shoes costing over £100 even with my previous shoe obsession (probably need to sell a few of those pairs now considering I now live in slippers) What I’m saying is I liked the life where, if I wanted to book a holiday, I did. Nothing special or outrageous. Just a holiday. If I wanted to go out for dinner, I did. The little things in life that make a memory and make you smile but most of all for my little Alex. I want him to grow up and see a strong Mamma one that had nothing but got and gave him the world. I want him to see me work hard for a life that we will have again, eventually.

It’s going to be the best comeback story you’ve ever seen. I cry as I write this.

And I’m asking the people that I know to help me out in a financial way. Something I’ve never been comfortable with doing before, I’ve always given I hate to receive.

I’m just about still standing and this business venture has given me something to go for and I’m at my best when I have something in mind. I cant actually believe how much I’ve done and learnt already setting up on my own, with the help of my mentor and another friend (you know who you both are, thank you from the bottom of my heart and please forgive all my silly questions)

I’m asking for help.  Any monies received will go towards paying a cash only account with a supplier as a new business with no available reference to set up credit for the first 6 months  

Every penny received will go into paying for initial orders I get from customers, an accountant, a website.

Ive no idea what I’m doing but I’ve always believed that I’d get by with a little help from some friends. 

Go big or go home. 

Thank you for reading ❤️


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