Future-proof Linlithgow Pottery’s classes

by Hephzibah Kilbride in Linlithgow, Scotland, United Kingdom


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I am asking for support to future-proof the studio so I can continue to offer classes safely as we navigate our way through this pandemic.

by Hephzibah Kilbride in Linlithgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

From Maine to Linlithgow


Hello, my name is Hephzibah Kilbride. I’m originally from Portland, Maine on the east coast of USA where I earned a BFA in Ceramics from MECA. When my husband and I were married we decided to build our life together in Linlithgow so we could be close to his family. After a few years of working full time and creating when I had spare time I decided to open my studio up to some classes. This made it possible for me to share my skills and my passion while making a small income, allowing me to be in my studio full time.

The COVID-19 shut down

As a privately owned and run artist’s studio the COVID-19 pandemic has Shut down my classes and reduced my income to zero. I was able to secure one of the small business grants offered by the Scottish government at the start of the lockdown and this has helped my family and my studio survive but as the funds run out I am still unable to open the studio up to new classes safely. The support we raise will help purchase the tools, equipment and electrical work needed to set the studio up so I can resume classes with confidence.

Growing a community 


Since I made the decision to open my studio up to classes I have enjoyed growing a great ceramics community where people of all skill sets can learn in a non competitive, social environment. I offer taster classes where people can have a go on the potter’s wheel for a bucket list moment, special date, family fun or just to see if investing in a six week class really is for them. Many of my students have gone on to invest in their own equipment and so our community grows even larger as we share our love of clay!

A chance to enjoy a new skill

All of my students get the chance to try out a new creative outlet.  Whether they come in for a one off taster class or jump into a longer session to grow their abilities,  my students not only learn from their clay experience but also end up with their very own creations to enjoy for years to come!  


What your pledges will buy us

With COVID-19 hanging about we will need to change many of our usual studio practices. One of the most difficult changes will be how we deal with our scraps of clay and each students slop buckets at the end of each class.  In the past we shared our tools and the buckets of water we used when throwing and only recycled them when the water became more slip than liquid.  With this virus roaming around we’ll need to clean out our slop buckets at the end of each class and disinfect them along with our tools.
This is where the brunt of the money we raise will help. £4,147.00 will purchase a small de-airing pug mill with another £800.00 paying for the electrical work needed to wire it in and space out the wheels for social distancing.  The studio needs a pug mill so we can continuously recycle and reclaim our scraps and slop safely back into viable clay. I can’t end up with massive buckets of slop piling up undermining the safety of myself and my students. The pug mill will be the most important purchase


Tools are no longer for sharing

Linlithgow Pottery is a small studio with small classes.  I’ve never had to worry about the number of tools available as we all shared. As sharing isn’t an option any longer the studio needs to invest in more tools making it possible for each student to use a properly disinfected set of tools as well as new sets of throwing and cleaning buckets. Just over £1,400.00 will make it possible to purchase turning tools with plastic handles as well as all of the other hand tools, throwing bats and sponges needed to make sure students are kept safe.

Rewards - Something for your generosity 

Please know that as much as I’m hoping for help to make the studio safe to continue I want to offer some things in return. Have a look at Some of the rewards I’m offering in return for your generosity. Thank you for taking the time to learn about my crowdfunder campaign. I know these times are uncertain. If you believe in my campaign but find yourself short of funds please know that sharing helps just as much as giving. Once again, thank you for your time.

£20 reward - set of four hand printed cards (2 of the 4 shown)

£25 reward - one of my “Calm Seas” mugs! 


£40 reward - one Meditation Rattle - designs vary


£50 reward - one of four hand printed and signed Lino-cuts to choose from


£80 reward - one of my gin tumblers (tumbler pictured before & after being glazed) and a hand printed “Starling in Red” Lino-cut


£85 reward - A voucher for a taster class for two.

£90 reward - a set of my thrown wine cups


£100 reward - one of four hand printed mixed medium mono-types


£200 reward - one of two encaustic mono-types to choose from


£300 reward - A group Christmas experience


£400 reward - A group meditation rattle experience.



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