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the aim of my project is to raise £76,200

1607034139_9514520_orig.jpgOver 7.7 million people of working age in the UK are disabled or have a health 1607034299_20171103_095323.jpgcondition. Historically there has been a significant gap between the proportion of disabled people employed compared with non-disabled people.Encouraging applications from disabled people is good for business. It can help you to: increase the number of high-quality applicants availablecreate a workforce that reflects the diverse range of customers it serves and the community in which it is basedbring additional skills to the business, such as the ability to use British Sign Language (BSL), which could result in massive savings
The costs of making reasonable adjustments to accommodate disabled employees are often low


for  the company to start appropriately we need to hire staff we need one company secretary direct off operation supervisor and manager in order for us to get to our goal we are here seeking funding to start up we're here to create jobs but we need your help to kick start this programme so we can bring in people from our local community the work  alongside the company we will be engaging in a lot of opportunity in the market plus we will be setting up a programme to hire people who have a disability and make sure they get the suitable skill to ask chief de Gaulle we not here just for ourselves we would like to be the company of choice for everyone no matter what race and no matter what background and where you come from but in order for us to do so we need help after public to support us so we can provide more jobs in our community an area we want to be the company that believe in everyone and we also wish to think in ever human being no matter what problem that we have so we can capable of finding job for them in our company and organisation in order for us to kick start this programme we need your support please support us so I can get to help other we need around five people in our company to make it go we need to do more advertisement marketing in the market we need to have a suitable insurance and company policy to get there please support us to get there thank you very much we are looking for your support help us to help others

signing up to be Disability Confident and taking action that will make a difference to disabled people
make a substantial contribution towards getting 1 million more disabled

we are seeking   funding to startup

Ocreate market awareness and increase demand for Paint-Perfect UK Ltd.’s services. To create further awareness around the corporate existence of the company and its core competence in providing the market with solution-based services. To engage in impactful marketing tools and position the company as a premium brand of choice to customer targets. Employ strategies to expand market reach locally through associations and participation in painting contracting conferences and Expo.

Start-up Assets  Cash Required  £34,300  Start-up Inventory  £15,200  Other Current Assets  £1,900  Long-term Assets  £10,000  Total Assets  £61,400 Total Requirements £76,200

Mission Statement 

To provide quality interior and exterior residential and commercial painting, and also decorating services. The company will seek to provide these services in the timeliest manner and with an ongoing comprehensive quality-control program to provide 100% customer satisfaction. 

Hopeton Simms sees each contract as an agreement not between a business and its customers, but between partners that wish to create a close and mutually beneficial long-term relationship. This will help to provide greater long-term profits through referrals and repeat business. 

Corporate Strategy 

Focus on achieving sustainable organic growth through profit retention. All revenues will be put back into the business to strengthen the business activities of Paint-Perfect UK Ltd for improved patronage and high market reach. Gain market share via effective utilisation of the word of mouth advantage and referral marketing. To build a business relationship with stakeholders in the painting contracting market and solidify the values and calibre of the brand. To operate professionally in a socially responsible manner. Ethically.

Develop mechanisms that support professionalism, customer satisfaction and broader market reach. 

To cultivate and safeguard the legacy and growth of the business through careful yet daring future planning and execution, allowing the company to reach new heights of operational excellence and customer base expansion. 

To ensure timely execution of Paint-Perfect UK Ltd.’s growth plans through conscious efforts to develop the products into a household brand in the global market. 

To attract, maintain and expand the customer base in the industry. 

To engage in business alliances to expose Paint-Perfect UK Ltd to business opportunities. 

To achieve a customer mix of 50% commercial/ 50% residential contracts per year. 

Marketing Objectives  Engage in marketing efforts that propel market reach. 

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