Help Izzy pay for a life changing operation

by iamrosierace in Totnes, England, United Kingdom

Help Izzy pay for a life changing operation
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Izzy lives with severe chronic pain since emergency surgery that went wrong after the birth of her baby & needs another operation to fix it

by iamrosierace in Totnes, England, United Kingdom

Nearly 3 years ago my dear friend Izzy gave birth to her second beautiful child, Lumi. At the time her placenta didn't detach fully and a part of which was left undelivered. Her mum, who was at the birth noticed this and told the midwife who proceeded to say it looked normal and that there was no need for a follow up. 

Over the next week Izzy's pain became increasingly severe, however was told by the doctors that it is normal to experience this after a second birth. A day or two later the pain went from severe to unbearable, she wasn't able to move or even hold her newborn and was taken to A&E in an ambulance. She was put on IV antibiotics for a couple of days and then sent home. The pain continued to worsen and she developed a high fever so returned to hospital where they discovered she had sepsis due to retained placenta.

She had an emergency operation to remove the placenta but because her womb was septic it didn't go to plan and left her permanently damaged. In her womb, she now has a build up of scar tissue which is becoming increasingly worse and difficult to manage. During menstruation the blood no longer exits the womb as the cervix is blocked by adhesions. These adhesions cause severe pain throughout the whole month elevating to excruciating levels when she should be bleeding. 

After initial diagnosis, Izzy waited a year to see a gynaecologist who she believed would offer her surgery to remove the adhesions but instead offered her a hysterectomy or another years wait to see a different gynaecologist who may or may not know how to perform surgery to remove the adhesions. He suggested that if she wanted to keep her womb she should pay privately for surgery. Izzy feels she can’t wait another year living with this level of pain whilst parenting two small young children as well hoping to do everything she can to save her womb.

I want to help her raise enough funds to see a private gynaecologist who specialises in Asherman's Syndrome with the hope she can have an operation which will remove some of the scar tissue along with the expertise to manage her condition properly and give her the best chances of living a more comfortable life with her two lovely children.

This treatment costs around £5000 and she can't afford this without the help of family, friends and the community. If you feel able, the smallest contribution would help and be ever so gratefully received.

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