Help DateinaDash Survive #Covid19

by Robert Ryall in Shepperton, England, United Kingdom

Help DateinaDash Survive #Covid19


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Help us through the COVID-19 crisis by supporting DateinaDash by paying it forward and purchasing a ticket for a future event.

by Robert Ryall in Shepperton, England, United Kingdom

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Lee Gladding 20th April 2021

Hi Rob, I've been to a few of your events now and I really enjoy them, sorry to hear you've been struggling. I have donated and signed up to an event to help drive you back if possible! I have also reached out to a tonne of my friends guys and girls and shared links to your new events, hopefully some of those should start coming in too over the next few weeks :) keep up the good work and look forward to seeing you in action again soon

rhodriprice 17th February 2021

I'm not a Londoner, however during lockdown I have taken part in a few Date in a Dash virtual events. The host has always vied to make them as enjoyable and professional as possible. Any issues I have experienced with these events, he has always been helpful with dealing with them. I would love to take part in a real-life event with this company when things get back to normal.

Alec Chin 16th February 2021

Hi Rob, thanks for the email, made a small donation, not much but like Asda say... Every little helps! Had a great time at my first event, I've been looking at your events for a while (pre-pandemic) and I've always been interested in the different events you've had going on so really hope you can keep things going till we come through the other side of this crisis so I can get to try a pubcrawl! Good luck and keep Dash'ing!

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