Help us support our family in Ukraine

by Artem in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Help us support our family in Ukraine
We did it
On 4th July 2022 we successfully raised £2,620 with 45 supporters in 28 days

Your donations will be directed towards supporting our family through this difficult time in Ukraine.

by Artem in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Update 2 (2022.06.10) - We have received a donation from an extended family member outside this platform of 1000$, which means together with the current donations that we have reached the first target of 1400 pounds!!!

Update 1 (2022.06.08) - We had queries what would happen to the money raised if and when our circumstances change - we fully intend to direct any funds that we don't require solely for the purpose described below towards humanitarian aid for refugees in Ukraine. We will be as transparent about this as possible. 

Help buy some time for the Kobeletskyy family

At the start of the war, our family and wider family lost its income, as everything came to a sudden halt. Any established business and clients were lost and disrupted, and through the last 3 months of the war, our family’s savings have been draining, only supplemented by my own and my sister Arina's small income here in the UK. While it does help, we’re still draining our savings that are going towards basic living costs and medical expenses of the family members that remain in Ukraine. We cannot manage this long-term and will come to a point where we are unable to offer financial aid to our family. The goal of this fundraiser is to ensure that the family has basic means, in the hope to buy more time until we are able to get back on our feet.  

The donations we receive will be used in the following ways:

£1400 would cover 6 months of medical expenses, living costs and a month of carer services for our Grandmother Lyudmila who suffered from a stroke after the invasion. She is recovering and, with the aid of my mother Marina, is working hard to help her recovery, through daily exercises and training working to restore her motor functions and speech.  

£800 would cover 3 months of living costs for my mother Marina, to support her through caring for our Grandmother until she is well enough, so that my mother would be able to leave Ukraine and join our family in the UK. In the UK, she will be able to provide care for my little brother Arkadii and to work, to find a sustainable solution for our security. 

£2900 would cover 6 months of living costs for my older brother Andrey, his wife Antonina and their 3 kids Adele, Elisey and Lev. They are remaining in Ukraine unable to leave behind their livelihoods and Antonina's family.

£1300 would cover 6 months of living costs for my Uncle Sergei and Aunt Valeria, who will be coming back to Odesa and taking over in caring of my Grandmother when my mother leaves Ukraine. My mother is leaving Ukraine to come to the UK to help take care of my little brother and to find work as soon as possible.


Overall Aim: £6400

These donations will enable us to provide care for our sick Grandmother. It will allow our older brother and his family who are in Ukraine to be able to cover their basic living costs. In the longer-term it will allow my mother to reunite with her family here in UK including myself, my sister and my younger brother.  

Any donation is a huge help towards our family. 


Other ways to help

If you are unable to donate, but would still like to help, please, sign up to the Homes for Ukraine sponsorship scheme and/or encourage others to do so. As the the number of hosts signing up to the scheme are declining leaving many Ukrainian refugees who where unable to reach the UK yet at a huge disadvantage. Apply pressure to your local MPs to bring the issue of the lengthy bureaucratic process that all refugees face when coming to the UK to the parliament.   

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