Help build a home for a poor widowed woman

by Bibi in West Bromwich, England, United Kingdom

Help build a home for a poor widowed woman

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We would like help raise money for a very poor widowed woman whose husband passed away recently to build a home for her and her family

by Bibi in West Bromwich, England, United Kingdom

Bismillahir Rahmaneer Raheem

Asalamoalaiykum ,my dear brothers and sisters and everyone reading

I am creating this page in order to help raise money for a poor widowed woman in Bangladesh, who last lost her husband in December 2020 due to brain tumour, by the name of Motosir Ali 

Motosir Ali was a kind and loving husband and a farther , he was a well respected individual who was very humble and honest 

Motosir Ali only dream was to build a home for his family where they could live happily, safe under 1 roof with his family, unfortunately this could not manifest, and his dreams remained a dream  
but in sha Allah with everyone ones help and kind donation , we aim to fulfill his dreams into reality for his family ,
I have decided on this project as I think it’s much needed, especially in the coming month on Ramadan,it give my self a way of fulfilling my duties as a Muslim , for instance paying Zakah, Zakah requires all Muslims to give one-fortieth of their wealth to charity. Many Muslims believe zakah not only helps those who receive the money but also purifies the wealth of the person who gives it. Other sums of money are donated at the end of Ramadan (Zakah-al-Fitr ) to those in need of urgent help.

The Holy Quran says, “and when other relations and orphans and the poor are present at the division of the heritage, give them something therefrom and speak to them words of kindness” 

As one of the pillars of Islam, zakat is a form of obligatory charity that has the potential to ease the suffering of millions. With the literal meaning of the word being 'to cleanse,'

By pledging you will be filling your duties as a Muslim, Alhamdulilah for this opportunity, May Allah accept our donations and our intentions 

May Allah reward us in this life, Ameen 

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