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My serious illness needs a radical healthy diet or harsh medications with bad side effects; help me get healthy instead please!

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Hi all, I’m Ayla a 42-year-old single mother of two teenage sons. I was diagnosed with four chronic conditions and so left my career in teaching and retrained as a holistic therapist; over the past 15 years I have qualified in Holistic therapies, Nutrition and Naturopathy. I did this initially to help myself but I found it really helped a lot of my clients who had chronic conditions too. I'm asking for help in getting equipment and veg delivery to get over some serious conditions worsened via covid and a surgery from last year, and for those of you wanting more information I'll go into more detail below. 

Last year I was convinced to have a small surgery for endometriosis, and I’ve not healed since. I’ve had to fight to get seen by my GP as, post Covid, they didn’t really want to see any patients face-to-face, but finally was taken seriously and have had to go to hospital seven times already this year; it seems as though having Covid plus the surgery plus a lot of family stress has caused my body to go deeper into auto immune reactions. I have wounds on my lymph glands that can’t heal, I’m in constant pain and have to have bandages and gauzes over the wounds, I don’t leave the house much and I’m super swollen, even having to buy shoes a size bigger than normal as my hands and feet are swollen too. I flare up after eating many different foods, I am avoiding sugar, caffeine, dairy, gluten and still having these reactions means I need to go deeper. 

My specialist would like to put me on a combination of drugs in the hopes that this will help my body to heal via drying out my skin and lymph glands and suppressing my immune system. This can be done via two antibiotics called rifampicin and clindamycin, both of which I was prescribed 11 years ago and made me very sick, I had to come off them after a few weeks and I definitely don’t think they’re going to work better now when I’m a lot older and don’t heal as easily as I did before. They’re usually prescribed for leprosy and acne, neither of which I have, and being mixed race in Britain I already suffer from skin dryness and lack of vitamin d, these kinds of drugs have much harsher side effects for me. So, taking them again when they already didn't work seems counterintuitive, and I've come up with a plan that should work better, but I need help.

The other drug would be an immunosuppressant via self administered injections once a week for 12 weeks, meaning I’d have to isolate at home; while my immune system is being suppressed I’ll be very susceptible to any illnesses, even the common cold.  As a naturopath and a nutritionist I am qualified to find alternative paths for healing that don’t involve side-effects from drugs, and this is a case where that would be appropriate. In the past I defeated the gland symptoms by going on a complete juice fast for a few weeks and then when I started to eat, I transitioned onto a raw vegan diet so that I could get as many nutrients as possible from the organic fruit and veg, and had no inflammation because I wasn’t eating anything like grains, nightshades et cetera which also cause inflammation.  Times are quite different now though, I’m a single parent so doing everything on a much smaller budget, raising two large teenage sons who eat a lot and I’ve been on disability benefits for a while now and so I’m not able to buy any high spec appliances or have a regular veg box delivery. To go on a juice fast now, I need a good juicer as I’ll be using it 3 to 4 times per day, a good blender to make soups and smoothies from these veggies, and the veg box being delivered each week from the local organic farms which would mean having enough money in my account every week for the direct debit; there are some days where there’s no money in my account until my benefits arrive the following month and that’s why I’ve had to cancel it.

My plan is to follow this juicing, raw vegan diet strictly for 6 weeks, have the appointment with my doctor to check progress in July, and then continue it until I'm better, hopefully avoiding these drugs completely. 

Your donation will make a world of difference for me, I'm so grateful for all the help you are willing to provide!. If you are not able/willing to donate, please help me by sharing to your community on all social media platforms. ; I feel awkward asking but I’m at the stage where I don’t foresee being able to live healthily like this much longer and these drugs aren't a good choice, so I’m out of other options. I’m happy to give nutritional support to anyone donating a larger amount, as a thank you (more details follow). Health really can be accessed by what we eat, what we drink and what we avoid. I’m hoping to prove that.

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