Help to Restore this Former Post Office to a Shop

by Project Ali in Walsall, West Midlands, United Kingdom

Help to Restore this Former Post Office to a Shop

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Please help and support us to restore this premises and bring a new thriving life to the local community.

by Project Ali in Walsall, West Midlands, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 14th December 2022 we'd raised £5 with 1 supporters in 28 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

Your support will help restore this former post office that has been shut for many years. And every penny raised will be spent towards repairing and fixing this shop for a new business here in our town Walsall in the West Midlands.

We really need your help to save this, and bring new life to our neighbourhood. It is in much need of a business that will make a difference to the local community.

Our aim is to make a change for the better, and introduce a food business that has a great concept that will encourage people to eat healthier and better.

Your donations to this Crowdfunder will not only help achieve our goals but also kick start our business by:

  • Restoring the interior of the premises
  • Installing new electrics and fire alarms 
  • New plumping works
  • Help with essential costs such as painting and decorating
  • Pay our legal fees and costs
  • A new shop front and sign
  • Help with equipments such as fridges and freezers
  • Purchase stock that will kick start the business



We have been granted consent and planning permission by the council to commence work. And the team have managed to clear the shop and fit new ceilings and complete the ceiling so it's sound proof and compliant with acoustic regulations.

There is much more work needed and we won't be able to finish this without your help.

We have come a long way, and don't wish to give up on this project, that is sure to make a difference to our local community.



I have a range of different rewards on offer, to show my appreciation for your support. From store discounts to a plaque with your name, and even a share in the company. Yes a share in the business.

Me and my co partner have worked really hard to make this happen, and we really believe in this project, having a background in the catering industry with many years of expertise and experience, we really want to make this a success. So a percentage share in the business is also up for grabs.



Many big changes have been made, and we are excited to see how it's coming along. But the big hurdle is still among us.

We have the whole shop to redesign and set up, so that it can be ready for business from the day it opens.



We have built a new kitchen area that will need kitchen equipment. Partitioned the walls and built a store room for stock and a cold room, that will need fridges and freezers. Also installed an extraction fan, and completed its set up.


The walls still need finishing and cladding, and the plumbing work still needs to be completed. So we can install a new sink and an environmental friendly filter that prevents any grease and unwanted deposits from entering our drains and gutters.

Electrical work also needs to be installed, and fitted with new lighting, fire alarms and security systems.

The flooring also needs installing.

Not to mention the eco friendly boiler that will be installed, a fully low energy consumption electrical boiler that is better to use and also better for the environment.

As you can see a lot of work still needs completing so we can make this project come true. And we will only be able to do this with your support.

So far it is fully family funded, and we urge for your kind donations to help us make this happen not just for us but for our local community.



Back in the early 2020 during the covid pandemic and lockdown, many of us were confined to our homes, and many shops and businesses were closed as a result. 

So the majority of us have resorted to consuming more takeaway foods and indulging in meals that are not particularly good for us. And we felt like doing something about this so we can make a change with our experience in the food industry.

We also realised that most of the food places were the same typical food shops selling the same or similar unhealthy foods. And especially during lockdown people were consuming week after week their favourite kebabs, and curries.

Then came along the scheme to eat out to help out, which made things worse for consumers who were brunching on their favourites for half the price, instead end up eating double for the price of one.

That being said, in our borough (Walsall) 95% of the food places selling food is killing us and our children in the long run. As we have a high rate of obesity in our town.

We all know obesity is now a major player in serious diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and type 2 diabetes. The NHS has a massive strain as it is, and the government has made changes to tackle obesity in our country, and so have we.


Bring a healthy diet and delicious Turkish food option to our local community that can benefit from choosing alternative meals, that is much healthier, tastier and better.

We have over 20 years experience in the food industry, and specialise in grilled and Turkish food. Having worked as a head chef in the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Turkey for many years.

Our aim is to restore this shop, and convert it to a Turkish takeaway so we can use our passion to make delicious food for our community that is good for them. And we need your help and donations to make this happen.




To make these and many more delicious meals with passion as we really love what we do. And hope to continue the legacy in cooking these meals in this shop.

Help and support our local community with gym memberships discounts, and regular donations to the NHS to help tackle obesity.

To build a strong presence in our town and establish a future brand with our unique foods.


So please join the journey to make a change and help us create a shop that will offer amazing, delicious and healthy foods for our local community. We thank you for your donations and support, and welcome you to our shop once it's opened!

Thank you.


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A great big thank you!

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To show our gratitude for your support, we will send you a lovely handwritten thank you card through the post.

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20% Discount Card

Get 20% off in store with no minimum order value

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We'll give you a massive thanks by sending you a suprise gift though the post.

£25 or more

Cook a delicious meal with our unique recipe

Get cooking a great healthy meal for yourself with our unique Turkish recipe, that is suitable for vegetarians and non vegetarians.

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Get 30% off in our store with no minimum order value

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Be part of our project

Get your name engraved on a brass plaque showing your support that will be displayed in the shop.

£200 or more

We will donate meals to the needy

We will donate to 10 homeless people with a fresh warm meal this winter.

£7,500 or more

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Be a part of this journey and get a 10% share in this business and earn future rewards as a member of the directors board.

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