Help Adam find and rent a home

by PM in Loughborough, England, United Kingdom

Help Adam find and rent a home
We did it
On 25th January 2017 we successfully raised £2,058 with 130 supporters in 28 days

To raise enough money so that Adam has 1 months rent & the deposit money for a private home rental. Any surplus for utilities & furniture.

by PM in Loughborough, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

WHAT IF............


£1250 is raised? 


Well after a little research if £1250 is reached then Adam will have a full fee to cover a 3 month Shorthold Tenancy at a lovely place called Towles Mill. Its a converted hoisery factory by the canalside with landscaped gardens.

The accomodation is bedsit style with communal kitchen, dining and livingroom facilities. Its well appointed and maintained and all bills are included. The accomodation is also part or fully furnished too. 

This would be a cracking start. And certainly 3 months would be a good stretch in order to sort out housing benefit and get stuck into a job search.

Thanks for supporting.

Take a look at Towels Mill


Hello everyone and thanks for taking the time to stop by. Its appreciated. Let me tell you the story of how I met my new friend.

The Story

I was out with my Stepfather early on Xmas Eve, you know the visiting, spending time with folks thing. We were walking through town and saw Adam. Lets call him Adam. Whether thats his name or not. Lets just simply call Adam, Adam. Adam is on the left. In that hat. Not much difference on the face of it, between you me or Adam.

He was sitting outside a bank, with a sleeping bag over him. Some food that other kind folk had given. We walked past him as we were talking. I usually dont do that. I, as many others do, like to get the Adams of this world a hot drink or food or some change. Sometimes if I have time I will sit and chat a while. All the Adams are human. I'm human too, just like you. I felt bad, checked my pockets for money. I had some. We took the few paces back to Adam, gave him some money and had a chat.

After a few moments another lady gave Adam some more food, another  gave a hot drink. We chatted more about how Adam was in the situation. How and where he could go. What Xmas Day had in store. Lets just say that anyone reading this, was more fortunate than Adam. We chatted about the fact that both the towns shelters were full, that the local council despite having a useable reserve fund of £23.5 million (probably just like other local authorities) and on the face of it was doing nothing, again for another year. That made me rather mad and sad. 

It was Xmas Eve. Adam had nowhere to go. Only the CHANCE of an Xmas Day Dinner at one of the shelters.

I had an idea. We told Adam to stay put. We went to the Travelodge Hotel. I had some kind of half baked plan. We met the receptionist, lets call him Liam. I explained Adam to Liam. I asked Liam if he could help with some room discount. Liam was amazing. He made some calls and we got some discount. And because Im cheeky, Adam also got 3 breakfast boxes too. Thats as well as THREE nights accomodation from the 24th.

We all shook hands. Adam was speechless. I wished him a Merry Xmas and we left. I made a social media comment. My friends also commented. That made me speechless.

I rang around Xmas Day morning. Adam got a Christmas Day dinner.

I paid a bit of thought to Adam and the other Adams on Xmas Day. Seems others did too, promises of a plated dinner from Liams mum. Hand delivered cards from others. I decided I couldnt just forget about it on the morning of 27th. Adam checked out. I called and missed him. So I went into town to find him. 

In the meantime other friends and some strangers offered food, furniture if he found a home, extra nights at the Travelodge! So no sooner had he checked out, I found him and he was checking back in again all because of other good humans. Just like you. People Power. Its amazing.

Adam is at the hotel until 30th. So far. I hope he can stay until 2nd Jan wen I can at least then do more to find him other shelter until the crowdfund WORKS!

The Plan

So, I was home, had a shower, several in fact. I have some of my best ideas in the shower. And that is where this one came up. I thought if Adam had his own shower, bathroom etc he could have some of his own ideas, about his own life. An opportunity to help himself. A leg up. 

Adam became homeless after loosing his job and a relationship breakdown. He has no family that he keeps in touch with except a sister in Wales who suffers illness. He felt he couldnt burden her with his situation. He hasnt been rough sleeping long. Mayebe 2 months. He says its not pleasant.  Adam wants to work again. He wants somewhere to call a home. But he cant get anywhere. Its a vicious circle. Adam is registered with some housing charities and the council. So far nothing. He needs an address. Then he can get access to benefits and start a job search.  He needs a small leg up. Thats all.

So. Im hoping i can find a hundred people to help with just £8.50 each. That will raise enough to give Adam a leg up. It will cover the cost of an initial deposit and a 1 month advance rent payment to an understanding private landlord on a bedsit or 1 bedroom home. It will give him enough time to sort out a claim for housing benefit. Then he can look for work. Adam wants to work again. 

Each night of the year there are over 3,600 rough sleepers in the UK. Dont get that confused with homelessness. You can be homeless while sofa surfing. Last year almost 115,000 households applied to local authorities for homelessness assistance.

I have set a target at just £850.00. If more is raised then that can help with furniture, utilities and other living expenses.  "They" - whoever "They" are suggest the average Joe is just 1-3 months away from being in Adam's position. 

If you can help out with funding that would be superb. If you can also spread the link to this crowdfund on your social media channels that would be great. Please have a try, more than once. Told you. I'm a  bit cheeky!


Give Adam a leg up and have a great New Year!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation

£1 or more

£1 Reward

You will have done something amazing to help. You help is appreciated and here is a big fat xmas/new year handshake/kiss/hug - via the tinterweb!

£10 or more

£10 Reward

For every £10 donation Adam will write a personal email thank- you and you will have the knowledge you have done something amazing to help

£50 or more

£50 Reward

For every £50 donation I will bake you a cake! (If you live locally it will be hand delivered within 20 mile radius of LE11) Adam will write a personal email thank-you and you will have the knowledge you have done something amazing to help.

£250 or more

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£250 Reward

For a £250 donation I will run the Loughborough Half Marathon 2017 in your honour. You will be able to attend and cheer me on! Adam will write a personal email thank-you and you will have the knowledge you have done something amazing to help.

£500 or more

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£500 Reward

For a £500 donation I will run a Marathon somewhere in 2017 in your honour! You will be able to attend and cheer me on! Adam will write a personal email thank-you and you will have the knowledge you have done something amazing to help.

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