Hello World & Tech4Good - 4 digital hubs in Uganda

by Hello World in London, England, United Kingdom

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Hello World is scaling their community-owned, solar-powered, internet hubs and needs funding for 4 hubs in a Ugandan refugee camp (£20,000)

by Hello World in London, England, United Kingdom

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Hello World is helping to solve the global education deficit with digital education and internet in places where there are no schools. 

There is a global education emergency. There are 69 million too few teachers to reach every child in the world which means 263 million children have NO access to an education. We know how critical education is for improving lives and we can no longer accept that millions of children will go without access to any education. Hello World is one of the only viable existing solutions on the market for children in Africa to access quality, digital education in places where there are no schools. Hello World uses an impact-driven, community-led approach that has a strong evidence base. Our tech solution will offer children who currently have no school access to quality educational software, and the internet.

We are so proud to announce that Tech 4 Good have recognised the value in our approach, and we have been shortlisted by Tech 4 Good for the Africa Award – sponsored by BT.

How does Hello World work? 

Hello World builds community-owned, solar-powered, internet enabled computer Hubs.

Communities currently own Hello Hubs in Nigeria, Uganda and Nepal and our data shows that the hubs are well used, principally by school aged children. Children use the Hubs to access the best educational software available on the market, in their own language. They also have a range of apps, games and online video tools to further their learning. Our users are taught how to build their Hello Hub - a simply designed, locally sourced product made from off-the-shelf electrical equipment, which has eight recycled ipads. The community decides where we build it, how to maintain and manage it, and, how to ensure children can maximise their learning opportunities.

Every member of the community has a chance to build and learn how to maintain the technology involved, and we spend a long time working with groups of community members (teachers, leaders, pensioners, special educational needs users, children, women) to ensure they are trained in Hub maintenance and well versed in the benefits of digital education and the internet, as well as the risks that access to the internet brings with it.

Learning and improving…

With feedback from communities, we know that our hubs have a positive impact, but we are always reflecting on our progress and aiming to improve.

In 2018, we redesigned the Hubs - making them more durable, more transportable, much cheaper (only £5000 each) and more educationally valuable - with better software which children can use to problem solve and learn academically. We’ve tested the new design in four communities and we’re ready to scale.

We have ambitious plans to build 200 Hello Hubs over the next three years providing education and connectivity to over 200,000 children.

We need your help to make the first scale-up phase of rolling out our new hubs a reality. This Autumn, we will be building 14 more hubs in Uganda some of which will be in the Nakivale refugee camp where there are too many children who have no access to education. We have a shortfall of funding for the last 4 hubs which means we need to raise an extra £20,000 in the next few weeks so that we can order the materials and start assembling the hubs. Our shortlisting for the Africa Award by Tech4Good gives us the platform and call to action we need to fundraise and we now need YOUR DONATIONS to make these hubs a reality.

We call this the World-wide web, it is time that was true.

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