Heald Green Methodist Pre-School

by Dita McCormick in Heald Green, England, United Kingdom

Heald Green Methodist Pre-School

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We are group of mums trying to fundraise money for our small community pre-school.

by Dita McCormick in Heald Green, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

The extra money would be used to buy some new outdoor equipment.

Our community Pre-school has been open for over 30 years providing care and teaching to many generations. Unfortunately due to COVID-19 it has been shut for the last 11 weeks. Our children are constantly asking when they can go back and see their teachers. 

Our aim is to get our children to do 10 laps around an athletic track. They will run/jog/scooter/ride bikes following the social distancing rules. 

We aim to use the money to ensure they can buy all the necessary resources needed for welcoming our children back post COVID-19.

Our Pre-school has been a massive part of all our lives and a special place in a local community. 

Normally the Pre-school organises many fundraisers throughout the year but unfortunately it has not been possible with the current climate and that is why we have decided to fundraise this way.

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