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At Harakah we work in small groups combining traditional with creative hands on learning whilst catering for the physical need to move.

by Harakah in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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What is Harakah about?

Why support us financially?

Harakah is a wonderful Madrasah which started in 2016 Alhumdulillaah. 


Harakah students study Arabic reading and writing, Hifz, Tajweed, Islamic studies and Arabic Language.

Since opening, we made it our goal to ensure our class sizes stay small, never becoming a business and this by Allaah’s Grace we have managed to do year in and year out.

It means our average teacher to child ratio is 1:8 which ensures that students get more of the support they need. We have many students who have memorised several ajzaa of the Quraan Allaahumma baarik and devoted to completing their memorisation inshaAllaah. Some of our students have also started Arabic Language studies.

We embark on traditional methods combined with wonderful creative hands on learning and physical activities. Home from home. It has meant those with additional needs have found a home at Harakah without us advertising as a SEND provision. We care and always do our best to cater for all the students who have come through our doors.

How can you help?

Our biggest outgoings are rent, wages and resources. If we were a business we could increase fees and make the class sizes bigger but that's not our method. We passionately believe in teaching the Harakah way for the love of deen and wellbeing of our children.

Your support relieves the stress of having to think about any compromises.

By investing into Harakah, you will be investing in your Aakhira. Every little that is donated will be sadaqa jaariya InshaaAllah. 

Your donations will help prepare the next generation of those who will have memorised the Qur'aan. 


Your generosity will pave a path to help a child to become a hafidh or memorise certain chapters of the Qur'an and because of that you will be rewarded for all the students that come to learn. 

Allah says: "So be mindful of Allah to the best of your ability, hear and obey, and spend in charity—that will be best for you. And whoever is saved from the selfishness of their own souls, it is they who are truly successful." [Qur'an 64:16]

"If you lend to Allah a good loan, He will multiply it for you and forgive you. For Allah is Most Appreciative, Most Forbearing." [Qur'an 64:17]

Please give what you can to keep us going and to help us expand this year inshaAllaah.

Allaah reward you for taking the time to care.


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