Hans Gál: Music for Voices

by Stephen Muir in Leeds, England, United Kingdom


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Help raise £7000 to record vol.2 of Hans Gál's complete Music for Voices, and celebrate a successful first year for chamber choir Borealis

by Stephen Muir in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

Together we've done it!!

I'm so excited to say that today we reached our target of £7,000 with ten hours to spare!

"Thank you" seems totally inadequate under the circumstances, but nevertheless: THANK YOU so very much for your generosity.

We do now have a stretch target of £10,000, though even I am realistic enough to know that we probably can't manage it in ten hours (though if you know differently...). However, people can still back the project, possibly even after the official deadline, so long as we've hit the target (which we have). Any extra funds received will be ploughed straight back into the project in preparation for vol.3, which I hope we might be able to record in early January 2021.

So it's still worth twisting those arms (gently, please!) and telling people about the project in case they want to contribute.

Vol.1 preparations:
Just to keep you informed, final editing and putting together the CD is now underway, along with a lot of behind-the-scenes work to design the cover, write the programme-note booklet, make sure everyone is acknowledged (especially you wonderful backers on Crowdfunder.co.uk!), etc, etc. Quite a task, but exciting all the same. I hope to be able to confirm the official release date soon, though it's quite possible that backers could receive their copies sooner than that.

One final thank you to you all; I can't wait to start sending the CDs out when they are ready.

Steve Muir
Co-Director, Borealis

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