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by Hands of the Heron in Bristol, Bristol City, United Kingdom

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We have recorded our third studio album 'Quiet Light' and need your help to pay for release costs (mastering, printing CDs/merch and PR.)

by Hands of the Heron in Bristol, Bristol City, United Kingdom

We're Hands of the Heron, an alt-folk trio based in Bristol (UK) who deliver vivid vocal harmonies and shimmering instrumental textures. We (Bec Garthwaite, Beth Roberts & Claire Vine) have been singing together for seven years, gradually discovering a distinctive & immersive sound that emerges from our individual songwriting styles. We released our second album '13 Moons' in 2021, and have performed all over the UK to folk, prog & indie audiences who have been equally transported by our music.

Now we've almost finished making our third studio album 'Quiet Light', which we will release this autumn on our own community label Cuculi Records. We've been recording it in The Roost studio in East Bristol with producer Rowan Elliott, and it's sounding absolutely sublime - but we've spent all the pennies we earned from making our last record getting this far. The process of finishing and releasing an album is pretty expensive - we still need to master the tracks, pay for artwork, print CDs and pay for a PR campaign, plus have a little leftover for contingency costs. That's going to cost us quite a lot of money, and although we applied for funding, we didn't get it. 

So, dear friends & fans, we need YOU! By choosing to pre-order an album through our crowdfunder, you're enabling us to finish this process and bring our new record into the world. We have various rewards available, with bundles including CDs, digital downloads, prints & t-shirts. If you're just curious about our album and plan to stream it on Spotify when it's out, you can sling us a fiver to help us get over the line.

Thank you so much community!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£14 or more

Album (CD)

You will receive a copy of our new album 'Quiet Light' in advance of its release date in October.

£5 or more

Good vibes and a high five

You can't afford any of these things and will probably just listen to the album on Spotify, but want to chuck us a fiver to help this happen. We'll chuck you a high five when we see you.

£10 or more

Digital Download

Digital download of our new album 'Quiet Light' ahead of the release date.

£15 or more

A4 Print & Digital Download

An A4 print with artwork by Ruby Geddes and a digital download of the album.

£20 or more

'Quiet Light' T-shirt

Cotton t-shirt with original artwork from Ruby Geddes

£32 or more

CD & T-shirt

A copy of 'Quiet Light' ahead of release and a T-shirt with original artwork from Ruby Geddes.

£40 or more

CD, Print & T-shirt bundle

A copy of the CD and a print and T-shirt with original artwork from Ruby Geddes.

£80 or more

CD, Print & T-shirt bundle + personalised jingle

All of the above merch PLUS we will write you a personalised jingle based around a few of your favourite things.

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