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Hi! Can you help us continue to support Adults with Enduring Mental Illness. We provide a lifeline to those suffering and feel shut off from the world outside. Having a mental illness can feel so isolating and lonely, we provide Outreach Workers who will visit you in your home, listen to you and help with any day to day challenges. Our Outreach Workers even take you out so you can enjoy a hobby or another adventure. These visits are sometimes the only people they will see each week and we know that our ongoing support makes a genuine difference to the lives of those we support. We want to continue and grow further around the Hampshire County to support more vulnerable people, but need to raise funding to do this. Please read more about our charity and the importance of what we do.

We Are Looking to Raise £20,000 to Support Our Outreach program for the Next 12 Months.

Our Founding Story: From Personal Pain to Collective Purpose

In 2018, motivated by the personal experiences of our Founder and CEO, Louise Hallett, Hammersley Homes was born out of a necessity to address a gaping void in care for adults with enduring mental illness. Louise's journey, marked by the pain of watching a family member suffer the indignity of being treated less than human, ignites our mission. Witnessing her relative lost and criminalized for symptoms they could not control highlighted a harsh reality: our society often fails those who suffer from chronic mental illnesses.

These are not isolated incidents but stories repeated across the country. Following the "Care in the Community" initiative, we've seen the dismantling of long-term care structures, leaving a void that Hammersley Homes is determined to fill.

Who We Are:

Inspired by Louise's story and the stories of countless others trapped in a cycle of inadequate care and misunderstanding. Hammersley Homes was established in 2018 and is working to provide a home for life for adults suffering from enduring mental illness – specifically those whose condition cannot be cured, and those who will not recover. 

At Hammersley Homes, our mission is to provide permanent support for adults who live with enduring mental health challenges and psychotic illnesses and struggle with daily life. 


We Attended the SUBU Volunteer Fair on February 15th

Raff Davis, Head of Nursing & AHP’S (Mental Health), South West Division, talks about Hammersley Homes

The Challenge We Face:

Facing a national health crisis where mental illness accounts for a significant burden but receives minimal funding, the situation is dire. With mental health practitioners leaving due to overwork and under-resourced environments, patient numbers rising, and public services under strain, the need for sustainable solutions has never been more critical.

Imagine living in a world that feels too complex to navigate, where the simple act of living becomes an insurmountable task, even being treated like a criminal. This is the daily reality for many people with the mental illnesses, left to fend for themselves against the backdrop of a society moving too fast. The lack of long-term support options leaves them vulnerable, teetering on the edge of crisis.



So considering the existence of these problems, in 2018, we embarked on a journey to provide a 'home for life' to those who felt forgotten by society—offering not just a roof over their heads but a community where they are understood and supported.

Our Solution:

Friendship, Kindness and Compassion can go a long way.

Our aim is to provide Day Centres and fully Supported Homes for life where residents can live amongst friends, with 24/7 support on hand if and when required.

For now, our Outreach Programme provides support through visits to our vulnerable Outreach Members in their own homes, offering help with any daily tasks they may be struggling with, encouraging social engagement and hobbies, and helping them to reach their personal goals and live their best life. We are working to expand this service nationwide.

We want to reduce the loneliness and confusion in their lives and enable them to live with dignity in a place they can call HOME.

Our network of fully supported homes for life will offer residents opportunities to engage in their interests and hobbies, enriching their lives with a sense of purpose and community.


Why Your Support Matters:

By supporting Hammersley Homes, your donations help sustain our essential operations:

  • It costs £20,000 per year to run one team of support workers.
  • £20 per week to provide one visit for one of our vulnerable outreach members.
  • £40 per week to provide two visits for one of our vulnerable outreach members.
  • We currently have 50 outreach members with a growing waiting list.

With your help,we can achieve our vision for the charity: to provide safety, security, comfort and friendship for life to vulnerable adults with a history of enduring mental health problems.

By contributing, you will support us in:

  • Establish our first supported housing facility, providing a 'home for life' for those in need.
  • Grow our outreach program, reaching more individuals with the care and companionship they deserve.
  • Open our first day center, creating a space for social interaction, learning, and development.

If you want to get more information about Hammersley Homes, please go to our official website.

Thank you so much for your visit and for considering a donation to Hammersley Homes!