Hacking Homelessness

by Claire Dovey in Cheltenham, England, United Kingdom

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Hacking Homelessness is our service redesign approach to help support social landlords design out homelessness.

by Claire Dovey in Cheltenham, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

Hacking Homelessness will be platform based. This provides visibility and two-way communication and enables us to create a sector-wide resource. 

The platform will enable sharing and exchanging of data, insights and ideas allowing multiple groups to create and sustain long-term relationships and jointly serve the social housing community together to minimise evictions. 

We will co-design and develop the platform. Our aim is to forge strong partnerships across the sector that generate insight and feedback along the way.

The platform will:

  • Understand how tenants are adversely impacted by life events
  • Identify how support services and interventions work effectively 
  • Recognise their homelessness footprint and how to minimise this
  • Offer the tools available to help
  • Make recommendations for design and delivery of effective interventions

We are team Halting Homelessness from the groundbreaking innovation programme The Greenhouse designed by the National Housing Federation to generate ideas that can change the world.

The loss of a tenancy is the leading cause of homelessness in this country

The social rented sector evicted over 47,000 people in 2017/18. These figures are not the full picture as many residents leave their properties before a formal eviction and this is then recorded as an abandonment or voluntary termination. These evictions cost an estimated £400 million per year with nearly £28 million spent on legal fees alone. This takes no account of the long-term cost of the social impact of having so many people being homeless or living in TA.

We believe that we can halve the number of evictions across the social housing sector. We bring social landlords and data together to gain deeper insights about their tenants, evictions and homelessness footprint. We enable social landlords to build truly effective services and increase their social impact.

Hacking Homelessness provides social landlords with insights around their tenant’s journey that ensures the support services they offer are effective and ensure their tenancy sustainability.

No social landlord wants to evict a tenant. Hacking Homelessness enables social landlords to use and interpret the data they already collect to make better informed decisions that positively impact their tenants’ ability to stay in their homes.

We provide predictive analysis based on key trends and triggers to help ensure support services and interventions are effective and timely.

Hacking Homelessness helps social landlords to design out homelessness by helping them to:

-Understand their homelessness footprint and make data driven decisions

-Move from crisis intervention to prevention

-Save money that can be re-invested in services

-Future-proof service provision

We collate data around issues relating to a social landlord’s homelessness footprint. This includes everything from arrears and evictions, understanding local issues, the impact of life issues such as loss of income, relationship breakdown and domestic abuse on their tenants.

Our research found that social landlords collect data but often don’t use it to effectively review the effectiveness of support services or to redesign services. We identified:

-Which interventions are effective

-Which support services are effective

-How critical the timing of intervention/support services is

-External data sources available

-How to use data to help predict who our potential future tenants are and what their needs will be

Our approach has three phases -

1) Explore - We scope the project with the organisation to ensure we have access to the relevant data and information. We agree and contract joint membership between the project team and the organisation and agree milestones and deliverable.

2) Discover - We analyse the data and information, drawing on other appropriate data sets where applicable. This is where the insights, key trends and triggers are identified. This phase enables us to current interventions and support services.

3) Solutions – We discuss with the organisation the research and findings from our analysis. We make recommendations to help minimise evictions and how-to re-design the interventions and/or services, as appropriate. We then provide tools to help implement changes and facilitate conversations that agree the implementation plan going forward.

We have presented our concept to over 1000 Housing Association CEO's and we have potential pilot organisations to test our concept however we need two months to complete the project implementation plan.


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