Habitat for Humanity X Company- Ukraine Crisis

Habitat for Humanity X Company- Ukraine Crisis


£50 target

Started on 22nd March 2022 St Laurence Way, Slough SL1 2EA, UK

Habitat for Humanity National Offices in the neighbouring countries of Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia are responding to the Ukraine crisis. We are supporting refugees fleeing the conflict arriving at bordering countries through:

  • The provision of essentials to those who have left everything behind.
  • Providing vital equipment including heaters and mattresses to the transitory shelters immediately on the border.
  • Working in partnership with local hotel groups to provide first week stay vouchers for families transiting through each country or looking for longer term accommodation 400 hotel rooms provided in Romania to date.

Habitat for Humanity Poland, Romania and Hungary are launching Solidarity through Accommodation and Shelter projects – working with a variety of partners to provide highly subsidised accommodation in hotels, apartments and family homes for Ukrainian families; most of whom are women and children whose fathers have stayed behind.

In Poland – we are working with Warsaw City Council. Our established social rental agency project is being upscaled to provide a crucial matching and safeguarding service to help Warsaw City council match the 4000 offers of help from local families with at least 4000 initial family placements. We are also working with hotels to provide a first couple of weeks accommodation to free up shelters and refugee spaces for continued waves.

In Romania – our colleagues are working to secure short term rental accommodation for an initial 500 families, as well as working with real estate agencies and private landlords to secure affordable rental accommodation for a further 1500 people.

In Hungary – our Solidarity Accommodation Service has been established, offering cheap, subsidised accommodation for refugees in shelters looking to stay for longer, and is preparing to manage 80-100 flats for families in the first 6 months.