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by Marguerite MacLean in United Kingdom

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Make GustoSinga a 90 minute Movie about nature connectedness and pro-environmental behaviour - raise awareness & worldwide timely education!

by Marguerite MacLean in United Kingdom

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Hello there! As a teacher and author from Africa now settled in Hastings, my passion is to make an educational movie from my published book GustoSinga. It's my gift to education and I invite all humanitarians who have the means to make it possible to share this link with other who want to raise awareness. “I was compelled to write the story when I walked seven years ago where the last tiger was shot in Singapore. GustoSinga shares our necessity to practise a different kind of listening learnt from the wisdom of the matriarch elephant. This intuitive listening brings harmony and hope to our common home as opposed to poaching, pirates and prejudice.”

The whisperer that listens to the matriarch brings communication of a different kind. This timely 1930s adventure will rivet all ages highlighting the decline of the world’s wildlife over the last hundred years.

I teamed up with an illustrious editor Ben Fairlight-Edwards to offer voice-overs in the enactment of a magical realism adventure script. He successfully brought the human and animal characters to life in the Audio book. Professor Robin Broadhead describes it as a “transformative” story involving an orphaned East African lion cub being taken down the Limpopo river and across the Indian ocean to Singapore in the 1930s. Characters include Albert Einstein and Nelson Mandela. CREATING THE MOVIE  will connect us all in our common home. 

It’s the animals that speak and the whisperers that listen that carries Earth-heart to our hearts. If this story is going to speak of anything, it is of communication of a different kind. Stories carry the wisdom of generations’ listening to our relationship with the earth.

Raising awareness for our beautiful planet. A whisperer takes time to really listen to the wise matriarch elephant....with magical outcomes!

Reviewed by worldwide educationalists, this historical fiction with real characters such as Einstein and Nelson Mandela makes a powerful tool for transformative education. It's timely for today's world. Welcoming prospective animators to create the movie! 

Please read some reviews:-

If we listen well, our hearts are in the moment and our feet in the path. 

Dinieve, the heroine is an animal and plant whisperer, who brings to our screen the unbreakable thread of this essential communication we all need to develop. 1690018609_author_signature_hologram.jpg

Ever since I walked past the spot where the last tiger was shot in Singapore, I was compelled to write this transformative story. Little did I know that GustoSinga would become my passion when I stroked Elsa, the lioness from the movie Born Free, growing up in Africa.


Having taught for 30 years internationally, this project has been reviewed and is highly recommended by many educationalists. The movie-making would be my passion as author - my gift to education offering well-deserved actors from the third world,  cinematographers, crews and locations - rewarding opportunities in filming. It also harnesses areas of timely change in our educational curriculum.


"I believe in leading out more resilience in youth towards future coping strategies - not to cushion from the harsh realities of poaching and greed in our world today"
GustoSinga fosters a sense of camaraderie and belonging as we are exposed to other cultures and backgrounds, to promote empathy and inclusion. Building a sense of community as demonstrated by the heroine can become today's reality. Intuitive listening to the wisdom of the matriarch is needed now.


GustoSinga offers an all-age exciting way to learn about our environment inspired by Einstein and covering the 'hidden curriculum' and our need for more awareness and respect for all living things, heroism, compassion, empathy, bravery and risk-taking. Poaching animals and worldly greed is rife today despite the GustoSinga message from 1930’s.
GustoSinga builds a sense of community and fosters a sense of camaraderie and belonging as we are exposed to other cultures and backgrounds, life-long learning skills towards environmental awareness by our communities to promote empathy and inclusion.
Funds to visit and help underprivileged schools would be facilitated by the movie. A blockbuster movie offers academy awards to reward fresh-faced, talented actors/actresses.

Image below:- Marguerite successfully directed a production in Africa to facilitate these outcomes.


Please let's make this dream become a reality. 

Check out on Amazon the Paperback version:

The audio and kindle versions are also available.

Here are some clips I personally paid for to inspire its production:

Introducing Nelson Mandela growing up:



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Whoever donates £800 will be given a credit recognition in the movie production as well as a signed copy and free ticket to the premier.

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Teens who are successful in creating the animal and human characters in cartoons that suit the animation version will be well acknowledged and earn worldwide respect and recognition for their skills. Credits to be given in the animation version of the movie. Individuals who study graphic design & multimedia will enjoy the experience towards successful careers as well as receive the honour of achievement.

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