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Gulumu wants adult literacy classes but has no communal building, making classes impossible in the rainy season. So they want to build one.

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On the 29th October 2019 we'd raised £1,095 with 12 supporters in 77 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

The map of Malawi shows Nkhata Bay District in red. 

The map shows the 'Traditional Authority' area of Malenga Mzoma and Gulumu's location.

The community is remote: a car can get so far off the road and then it's a walk up two hills to get to the group of villages. They don't have a school or any health facilities close by. The community is a very poor one, with small houses and poor nutrition. The families are predominantly subsistence farmers. 

47 people asked if they could receive adult literacy education from the Foundation. The Foundation runs eight classes to teach adults to read and write, seeing literacy (and numeracy) as a fundamental right, a way to encourage critical thinking, and as a pathway to being able to start a small business. (For more details, visit the Foundation's website at The people of northern Malawi were the first to receive education (David Livingstone's original mission is in the area) and Gulumu's ambition reflects that thirst for knowledge and improvement. 

The Capacity Foundation is able to fund teachers, books and writing materials, but a community building is required. The picture (above) shows the kind and size (approx 47' x 23') of building

  • The community itself will make the bricks, provide the sand, cut the planks and timbers and supply voluntary (unskilled) labour. (If purchased, this would be equivalent to £1700 - a third of the total cost).
  • The Foundation needs £3,500 to pay for cement, tin sheets (for the roof), wire, nails, door- and window-frames, and skilled labour for certain jobs.

The building will also be used as a clinic for mother and infant classes, immunisation, disability diagnosis, hygiene education and HIV care; and for other community purposes.

A successful appeal would have a transformative effect for the people of Gulumu - and it could be built within two months of the money being raised. LET'S GO!

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Capacity wristband.

A wristband/bracelet crafted in Malenga Mzoma by one of the Capacity Foundation's business start-up groups. Designed in local style.

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