Growing Hope

by tjkibble in Gloucester, England, United Kingdom

Growing Hope
We did it
On 11th October 2017 we successfully raised £81 with 7 supporters in 14 days

'Growing hope', Is a project in which has the aim to support young ones in school through the sadness of bereavement.

by tjkibble in Gloucester, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

The more money we can achieve the quicker and better the project will run.

My name is Tristan and i've been given a challenge to overcome with a team of five other students. We have got until Friday the 29th to raise as much money as possible. Below is the project we are running money for.

'Growing Hope' is a small project that can hopefully be started soon. It will be run by 'Ronan's Trust'. 

Ronan's Trust is a non profit that uses the environment such as plots of land to bring people that are going through bereavement together. It is all about creating a community of people that allow a safe haven for when they're going through particularly tough times.  The individuals are nopt forced to talk to one another but they have the option. For example, they may pair a child who may have lost a parent, with a woman they may have lost their husband. 

However, I'm here to raise money for the new project 'Growing Hope'. Growing Hope is a pilot project to demonstrate efficacy and value of providing opportunities for groups of bereaved primary children to garden together. This pilot will enable us to provide support to children who have been impacted by bereavement, and help connect them to a network of other
children who share this common experience.

Throughout the life of this project we will gather feedback to enable us to evaluate how the project
benefits the children who participate. This evidence will help us to test our assumptions about what
we should focus on, and we hope will provide the platform for attracting future funding to enable us
to deliver a future project at a larger scale.

This pilot project would provide an opportunity to engage with bereaved children from primary
schools working as cluster groups from across two areas in Gloucestershire. Children will be able to
connect with each other, and participate in monthly gardening based activities at Ronan’s Trust
allotments. Children will be supported and accompanied by TAs from their schools, and sessions will
be run by Ronan’s trust staff or volunteers with experience of supporting bereaved children.

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