Greyhound Rescue Wales

RCN 1152650, Ammanford

The rescue and re-homing of greyhounds and greyhound cross breeds.

Greyhound Rescue Wales

Greyhound Rescue Wales is a small, independent charity that rescues and rehomes greyhounds and lurchers all across Wales.

Based in Ammanford, we take predominantly ex-racing greyhounds - although we strive to take in all types of greyhounds and greyhound crosses that need help - and help them find their perfect forever homes.

We seek to help all sighthounds, regardless of their financial burdens or sad situations. Under our Last Hope project, we offer a vital lifeline to greyhounds and lurchers who have suffered injury that puts them at risk of being euthanised or abandoned. We take on the veterinary costs and care, offering them recovery and rehabilitation in one of our experienced foster homes before helping them find their forever homes.

Some greyhounds and lurchers sadly don't make full recoveries, and are burdened with lifelong medical support such as Rodney. Rodney came to us at the age of six with severe arthritis, corns and behavioural problems. It became apparent that much of Rodney's behaviour could be attributed to the pain he was in and would improve if we could help him feel better.

Sadly, Rodney would not only require surgery to remove the corns, but also expensive weekly physio for life as well as pain meds and joint aids to help him manage his arthritis. With monthly care costs mounting, it was decided to make Rodney a member of our permanent foster project. As a permanent foster, Rodney lives in a loving "foster" home who cares for his every need and commits to him as a loving owner, but without the burden of veterinary costs which we cover for the entirety of his life. Rodney will never need to be placed in a situation where his owners cannot afford to give him medical treatment because he has Greyhound Rescue Wales. Rodney and our other permanent foster dogs can be sponsored through our monthly giving scheme.

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