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George Pinnell 7th June 2017

Thank goodness the Green Party supports the principles of the NHS, by opposing fluoridation as a matter of policy. MPs from the 3 other main parties have betrayed their party principles by enacting legislation on this! Using the water supply as a method of delivering medication denies people THEIR RIGHT OF CONSENT. This curtails personal freedom and individual choice. This reckless and irresponsible failure to exercise their duty of care is highlighted by the fact that the fluoride compounds used DO NOT even have a medical products licence! Such an application would no doubt prove unsuccessful as sodium fluoride has been widely used as an effective rat poison! Even when sourced from pollution scrubbers it IS NOT refined to pharmaceutical standards - so also contains other toxic nasties, including arsenic, lead and mercury! Andy Burnham's ( Labour's Health spokesman) threatened to roll out further fluoridation schemes even though other countries have stopped this draconian practice. Sweden stopped as long ago as 1973. Dr Hans Moolenburgh noticed adverse health effects in his patients from fluoridated area and spearheaded a campaign which got it banned in Holland ( see . ).Even Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland no longer have any fluoridation schemes. So, Andy Burnham's threat no doubt contributed to Labour's defeat in 2015

greenapples 2nd June 2017

More important than ever to support THE GREENS since that dangerous, misinformed idiot took over the White House!

Sheila Ash 2nd June 2017

Hope my small contribution will help in the fight for a better future of the coming generations since my vote here will have little inpact - pro diversity, pro free movement, anti arms trade, pro renewables - Keep up the good work Caroline, Jon and everyone - Go Greens!

Catherine Jones 31st May 2017

Watching Election debate on the TV, only the Green Party talking any sense - let's hope there's a few more Green MPs in Parliament after 8th June

Linsey Hutchins 22nd May 2017

Caught the end of Jonathan's interview on Radio 4 this morning. I was so pleased to hear a non slippery weird or downright creepy politician speaking that Ive pledged you a small donation to help balance things out a bit in the election campaigns, I'll listen to what you have to say before voting. Well done, that was a decent interview,

Kadir Cengiz Alp 12th May 2017

I hope that the Green Party will have more MPs elected into the Parliament following the general election in June. I will pray this is the case.

Will Thomas 11th May 2017

More seats = more of a balancing force in these unjust times. Go Greens! Be the conscience of our politic system and the broker of a hopeful future for our children.

Will Thomas 11th May 2017

More seats = more of a balancing force in these unjust times. Go Greens! Be the conscience of our and the broker of a hopeful future for our children.

Will Thomas 11th May 2017

More seats = more of a balancing force in these unjust times. Go Greens! Be the conscience of our and the broker of a hopeful future for our children.

mikinnear 4th May 2017

I can't pledge much but I want to help as much as possible over the coming weeks. The Green Party needs a big surge both nationally and locally. The messages need voters need to be clear and concise, and precisely tackle the big issues we face as a nation.

Harmonie Faerielove 2nd May 2017

We are at a time of a great awakening , there is such conflict & confusion gripping so many people & fear is stalking our streets . At this time, only the Green party can offer reliable & honest solutions to help stabilise matters which have spiralled beyond idiocy . It is the only party that isn't based on it's own selfishness & greed but is abundant with beautiful , kind & compassionate ideals & members with fair solutions for a shared & equal world Let the young have a voice , it is about time we allowed voting from the age of 16 . Go get em Greens x

hennessy 2nd May 2017

About the EU: Let us recall: that w e have long been part of Europe, with a king from Holland and many from Germany, that the EU arose out of the ashes of WW2 and that it has seen that there was been no major European war for 72 years.

Siobhan Smith 28th April 2017

Let's hope there'a a real shift in the country. The Green Party's positive and forward thinking ideas are an example to everyone and hope for the future for a truly united, compassionate and caring society.

Ed Pope 24th April 2017

We desperately need to oppose the extreme right-wing agenda peddled by the biased press and their puppets in the Tory Party. The Greens are like a breath of fresh air in the current political climate.


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