Green Party GE Campaign 2024 Chesham and Amersham

by Justine Fulford in Amersham, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

Green Party GE Campaign 2024 Chesham and Amersham

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£500 target 21 days left
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We need to raise funds in the Chesham and Amersham Constituency, to pay for the General Election deposit and other election expenses.

by Justine Fulford in Amersham, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

 This is my home.  

I have lived in Chesham for over 30 years, raised three children who all went to local state schools and am an elected Green Party councillor on Chesham Town Council.  I am passionate about protecting our Green Belt, natural landscape and chalk streams  and providing a safer, healthier and more affordable place for us all to live.

People And Planet

The Green Party has been going from strength to strength.

We find that when you tell the truth, aim high, and offer hope,

voters respond. We are now represented on 170 councils

nationwide and part of the administration on 42 councils. We

have increased our number of councillors fivefold in the past

five years. They are using the power given to them by your vote

to build fairer, greener communities.

In this election we are aiming high: we are standing in more

seats than ever before and we are aiming to win more votes

than ever before and to significantly increase our number

of MPs’. We need those MPs to keep climate at the top of

government agenda, to resist further privatisation of public

services, to make sure that the country sees the investment

that we need to mend so much that is broken.

Now, it’s over to you. You can choose a fairer future for us all.

Vote for real hope and real change. Vote Green.

Your Donation Will Have a Real Impact

What will your money be used for? 

We need funds to pay for the deposit and for election materials. A general election is in just 5 weeks, so we don't have much time!

It costs £500 to put up a candidate in Chesham and Amersham and it can cost as much to print a single newsletter for just one constituency, or over £200 to cover just a single ward.

  • £25 - This is a real help towards standing a Green candidate
  • £50 - This pays 10% of a Green candidate's deposit
  • £75 - £75 is a major help towards the deposit
  • £100 - This pays 20% of our deposit - thank you!
  • £500 - Fund a whole deposit - massively helpful!

We are the only party calling for a wealth tax on the richest 1%, an end to section 21 evictions, an end to conversion practices, and an end to the disgusting sewage discharges that the Tory government is ignoring. We call for proportional representation, a national social care service, and a Ceasefire Now!

The Green Party works hard all year around for their communities, fighting for the ending their residents need, often held back by the national government. Greens are an independent voice, they are not whipped like the big parties and so are free to voice the true concerns that are impacting residents. Importantly we know Greens Can Win as they have done up and down the country to local councils, so why not be ambitious? 

Imagine what more we could do with more Greens Elected?

Why should we settle for anything less?

The Green Party are not funded by big business or millionaires, so we are looking for you to support our candidates to stand in Chesham and Amersham and inform residents that they have a choice. We only have a small fraction of the amount the other main parties have to spend on campaigning, so anything you can afford will help to make a real difference, please contribute what you can. 

Donate what you can today and share our Crowdfunder on social media, via email, or through a messaging app.

Now's Our Chance

We have a vision of a better world, and together we can deliver it.

We are individuals who can do great things together.

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