Great Little Place

by greatlittleplace in London

Great Little Place
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A guide to nothing but the greatest little places in town, like your digital friend in the know.

by greatlittleplace in London

A guide to nothing but the greatest little places in town, like your digital friend in the know.


UPDATE UPDATE: We& 39;re delighted to announce that any contributer, past or
present, big or small, will be entered into a raffle to win one of five great little
experiences, which you can check out here:


UPDATE: We& 39;ve put together a little FAQ to help explain a bit more about the
project, and give you a chance to answer or ask any questions you might have.
Check it out here:


Great Little Place has been setup to answer a simple to ask, but as yet hard to answer, question: Where can I go out that’s actually good? There are far too many average places out there; cloned High Streets, with chain restaurants and paint by number bars, seem to be literally round every corner. GLP (as we call it) is here to put an end to that. A home for nothing but great little places - wherever you go.

To start this little revolution against mediocrity, we want to create the world’s most trusted social guide to charming venues, based on personal and local recommendations. When it comes to places: brimming with character, unforgettable and individual is the order of the day. It’s a shout out for the little guys; the labours of love, the places with some soul, be they bars, museums, restaurants, galleries or just somewhere to enjoy a nice walk.

It’ll also be, importantly, a chance for people to share their great little finds with others; a real community – people helping each other out. The crucial difference between our service and other sites is that the wisdom of the crowd will decide what stays and what goes. True quality, not quantity - only great little places will make it on.

So far we& 39;ve brought together an online Facebook following of over 200,000 fans for different cities around the world to share their finest discoveries (with London& 39;s being the biggest with 78,000 followers). We’ve currently got a bodged together little blog just for London, for now, which is our own labour of love. Having invested a fair chunk of our own money and endless hours, we now need to source the additional funds to finish off our website to get Great Little Place off the ground this summer. Our new website will:

  • Show you, wherever you are in the world, nothing but the greatest little places to go to, based on personal recommendations from the people who know it best, the locals. No more dull days or nights out. Not on our watch.
  • The design will be simple, intuitive and beautiful.
  • There will be no rubbish banner advertising clogging up the page or your experience. Great design and usability& 39;s our number one priority.

Your assistance is ludicrously appreciated.



> Invest £2 and get:

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Thank you! A GLP thank you e-mail, and your name will be credited on our website in a & 39;Thanks and credits& 39; page.

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This project offers rewards in return for your donation

£10 or more

£10 Reward

Too kind! A GLP thank you e-mail and your name credited on our website on a 'Thanks and credits' page. You'll also go on a priority e-mail list for all GLP events, meaning first dibs on tickets

£50 or more

£50 Reward

You're a true champion. All of the above and a VIP invite to a GLP launch event in London which will be the greatest little thing to happen ever. You'll be telling the grandchildren about it, trust us

£200 or more

£200 Reward

We literally love you. All of the above, and you will get a meal for two at a bona fide great little place with some extra special GLP care

£500 or more

£500 Reward

If we were the Queen, we would knight you. We'll arrange a special 'great little adventure' for you and someone of your choice, including a pre-planned route and some very special touches

£1,000 or more

£1,000 Reward

We are forever in your debt. We'll bespoke organise the most amazing great little evening for you and twenty friends at a great little place. It will be truly almighty. And all of the above £1 - £50.

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