Grassroots 2022

by Grassroots 2022 in Highbridge, Somerset, United Kingdom

Grassroots 2022

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Help us keep Grassroots going! We want to develop the site, build composting loos, a better shelter and more twinkling lights.

by Grassroots 2022 in Highbridge, Somerset, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 9th August 2022 we'd raised £605 with 12 supporters in 56 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

Grassroots has been running since 2014, and has evolved over the years from a completely amateur event that doesn't make any money, but where everyone has an amazing time, to a completely amateur event where everyone has an amazing time.  But we don't make any money.  Seriously.  In 2019, we thought we'd finally broken this bad run by grossing £350 to reinvest next year.  Then we pranged the hire van while returning a fridge we'd borrowed for the bar, and the insurance excess was, you've guessed it, £350.  We want to put this party on, and we don't want to skimp on the disco balls!  But we also don't just want to raise ticket prices.  So we're asking for your help.  We want to raise £1000 so we can start making plans and, with your support, make this the best yet.  We've never been in this for the money (clearly), but we know there's so much more we could add with a few extra sovs behind us. On the other hand, we don't want to just raise ticket prices, because we want everyone to be able to come and join in.  We happily put our spare time and silly imaginations into putting on the party, and that's free, but some things cost money - a bigger tent for when the weather's crap, maybe some live music, enough loos and showers, proper site lighting, etc, etc.  Those of you who made it to MiniRoots at Badgerland in 2021 can testify to the amazing potential of the site and how perfect it is for our party - imagine what we could do if we could spend money on developing the site instead of paying for one-off hires.

We have never strayed from our founding aim of having one weekend a year when everyone gets together.  If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that this is a good aim.  The shitstorm of 2020 hasn't shown us something we didn't already know, though.  We've never taken this for granted - we just appreciate it all the more now.  From beautiful reunions, to Dates with a Mate on the Gate, and solid friendships forged between kids being ever so slightly ignored by their parents, this isn't just somewhere to catch up with old faces, although that's a bit part of it.  There are so many new friends to be made cwtching on a hay bale on 2am, or talking gibberish at the bar, and when the people you meet are only ever separated by 2 or 3 degrees, you can guarantee friendly faces, open hearts, and lots of like minded souls.  Grassroots has grown because people come one year, and then bring their friends the next year, and then they're part of the crew.  

We've come up with what we hope are some inventive and fun ways to get you to part with your money.  We'd like to keep the ticket prices low, but for those of you with more funds to spare, this is where we need you to dig deep. 

Thank you for everything you've brought to the party over the years, and thank you for reading this far.  Big love xx


This project offered rewards

£50 or more

Have a cocktail named after you!

Work with our resident mixologists to develop a signature cocktail that will be sold during the festie, with your name on it! Includes a round of 4 to show off to your mates.

£30 or more

Breakfast for two delivered to your tent!

2 brekkie baps and 2 of Sarah's famous Bloody Marys delivered with a smile, straight to your tent on Sunday morning. Luxury! Veggie alternatives available - details once we've appointed a caterer.

£30 or more

No Show ticket

Can't make it in 2022? Hoping we'll still be doing this in 2023? Why not help us secure the future of Grassroots with a No Show ticket? Think of it as an RSVP with a little something extra. We'll miss you, but hope to see you next time. And you can be a part of making that more likely. Please note, this reward does not get you a ticket for 2023. You'll still have to buy one.

£25 or more

Exclusive Grassroots T shirt - Adults

An exclusive Ralphy design, printed in Bristol onto a high quality 100% cotton T shirt. Save it for posterity in pristine condition, or wear it for painting the kitchen or weeding the garden. Unisex sizes.

£50 or more

Sponsor a Toilet!

How proud will you feel to have your name emblazoned on a portaloo? Includes a free loo roll.

£100 or more

Bespoke costume

The perfect rewards for you if you love dressing up but hate browsing Pinterest. Let someone else take the strain for you - just provide your measurements, and we'll provide a bespoke, custom, on-theme costume just for you. And the best bit is, it'll be a complete surprise on Saturday arvo when everyone gets their glad-rags on. Do you trust us enough?

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